Tectonic helps companies use Big Data analytics to better target customers needing their services

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DENVER -- What’s more important for a business than connecting in a personalized way with a customer?Tectonic_logo

Tectonic, a Denver-based company specializing in Big Data analytics and customer relationship management (CRM), is experiencing exponential growth as it offers that connection to businesses.

Founded in October 2014, Tectonic already counts Disney, Coca-Cola and Anheuser Busch among its gold-plated clients.

Blair Linville, Tectonic’s CEO and founder, said his company’s expertise was a natural fit for those big-name firms and others, but Tectonic also aims to give smaller businesses an ongoing, sharper focus on their clients.

“Not only are we helping the big guys who’ve been doing (this) for years, but also for the smaller companies to do it more simply and more effectively,” he said.

And how did that become possible?Linville_inside_photoUSE

Linville credits the rise of cloud technology and the mountains of Big Data now being collected by virtually every mid-size company or larger.

“Cloud technology and the data is so much more widely available than what it was just a few years ago,” he said. “We’re harnessing the data to make things easier and tailoring the marketing to fit you.

“We’re making life better by bringing you exactly what you need when you need it.”

Linville cites the example of a business profiting by knowing a customer has three kids under age 10 and what that person’s buying habits have been over the last five years.

“We can then say, here’s the services they’ll likely need over the next three months.”

Tectonic boasts of its “Insight to Action (i2a)” methodology that “leverages data, world-class business practices and cutting-edge technologies to capture and reveal information hidden within out clients’ own data.”

The information can then be applied to “automate actionable alerts, prompts and events that shape consumer behavior, enhance brand loyalty and performance, improve internal processes, reduce costs and increase company revenues,” Tectonic says on its website.

While other companies may also lay claim to providing expertise in mining Big Data to customize consumer marketing, Linville says Tectonic takes that ability to a higher level.

“Our methodologies and past experiences, our cloud DNA, and the integrated nature of our capabilities (are) very much in demand,” he said.

“It’s the connections of all of these that really makes for an interesting result.”

Linville’s own prior experience with Harrah’s Entertainment – where he led IT for the company – was an “aha” moment when he witnessed the impact of leveraging technology to draw insights about the company’s customers and then use those insights to drive meaningful action.

“Customers loved it and made them want to spend more time and money with us,” he says.

Linville said Tectonic has found the formula for providing customized consumer marketing that isn’t super expensive or time-consuming.

“It can take $50-$100 million and three years to build the capacity to do this,” he said. “We can do it for $1-$2 million in less than six months.”

Tectonic’s proven software integration capabilities found investors in Salesforce Ventures, Fortitude and Cypress Growth Capital, and the company quickly jumped to $15 million in annual revenue just months after its launch.

Tectonic now has satellite offices in Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, New York and India and nearly 200 employees.

Linville said Denver was a deliberate choice for the company's headquarters, which is approaching 50 employees.

“A lot of it was that great Colorado talent that made it an easy decision for us,” he said.

“There’s a great pool of existing and growing talent here. The leadership of the company wants to live, work and grow in Colorado.”

Linville said Tectonic knows the kinds of businesses it wants to target and expects to keep growing rapidly because of that insight.

“The profile of our customer would be people that want to differentiate their business, know they have a lot of data and that they can use that data to differentiate their business.

“You can be behavior-shaping more quickly than you ever thought possible if you engage with us.”


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