Swiftpage launches Act! 365 in Spanish language

Tuesday July 17, 2018 0 comments Tags: Denver, Swiftpage, John Oechsle

DENVER -- Swiftpage, announced the availability of Act! 365, an all-new sales productivity and e-marketing solution tightly integrated with Office 365 in Spanish in North America.Swiftpage_logoUSE

Act! 365 is the most effective SMB-focused sales productivity and e-marketing solution on the market and is designed to meet the needs of the Spanish-speaking and Latino-owned business community, Swiftpage said.  

Designed specifically for Office 365 users, Act! 365 is purpose-built to boost sales and marketing results for fast-growing small businesses.

Powerful, easy to use, and cost-effective at just $10 per user/per month, Act! 365 provides customer management features, sales productivity and pipeline management tools, and practical e-marketing capabilities, integrated with Office 365 and accessible on mobile devices.

Swiftpage said it also launched a dedicated Spanish language Act! 365 website with features, pricing and customer resources.

New users can sign up for a free trial here to start taking advantage of the powerful software’s sales management and email marketing capabilities to fuel their business growth.

“The Spanish-speaking business community consistently serves as a key driver of small business growth and innovation,” said John Oechsle, Swiftpage CEO.

“Many of these businesses prefer English-focused software solutions, but there is a segment of small businesses that will benefit significantly from the option to integrate crucial business growth tools delivered entirely in Spanish.

“Swiftpage would love the opportunity to be a part of the growth journey for these small businesses by offering the powerful email marketing and sales management features contained in the Spanish language Act! 365 solution.”

Key Act! 365 features and benefits:

  • Complete integration with Office 365 including embedded Microsoft Outlook functionality
  • Practical customer management features
  • Sales productivity and pipeline management tools
  • Integrated Email marketing with Intelligent Call List
  • Compatibility with iPhone, iPad and Android devices
  • Mobile app available free from The App Storeand Google Play
  • Access to online self-help resources

To learn more about Swiftpage and the all-new Act! 365 product, now available in Spanish in North America, visit https://www.act.com/espanol to sign up for a free trial.