Swiftpage establishes Small Business Idea and Invention Scholarship

Tuesday July 31, 2018 0 comments Tags: Denver, Swiftpage, H. John Oechsle

DENVER -- Swiftpage, provider of Act! CRM software, today announced the launch of the company’s Small Business Idea and Invention Scholarship.Swiftpage_logoUSE

The new program will award $2,500 to a student who submits an idea, invention or app that helps small business owners grow their business and run it more efficiently.

“This generation has an acumen for technology and expectations for faster, tailored business transactions,” said H. John Oechsle, Swiftpage CEO.

“Because of the way they experience brands on social media, they also have a more innovative, creative understanding of marketing. We’re very excited to see how students apply those insights toward growth strategies for small businesses.”

Swiftpage said the Small Business Idea and Invention Scholarship will acknowledge students who value startup technology and are driven to help small businesses succeed. Any currently registered high school, community college or university student is encouraged to apply.

Applicants must submit a video less than two minutes in length, explaining an original idea to grow small businesses.

Applications are due by Dec. 7. One winner will be named in January 2019 and awarded $2,500 to be put toward any educational purposes.

“With current technologies, it’s more possible than ever before to successfully launch a product,” Oechsle said. “The key is identifying and pursuing the business’s target market.

“We’re looking for the next idea or tool to take out that guesswork for small businesses and successfully enable them to capitalize on all the information at their fingertips.”

To submit an application and video for the Act! Small Business Idea and Invention Scholarship, visit act.com/scholarship.