SunTech Drive joins Innosphere’s Scaleup program to speed growth

Wednesday August 1, 2018 0 comments Tags: Boulder, SunTech Drive, Innosphere, Innosphere Scaleup Program, Bud Michael, John Loporto

BOULDER -- SunTech Drive LLC, an innovative solar power electronics company, announced it will be joining Innosphere’s recently launched Scaleup program.suntech-drive-logo

Through participation in the program, SunTech Drive will be introduced to a wide-ranging network of thought leaders and investors to help the company capitalize on its early success and market growth potential.

“Through Innosphere’s Scaleup program, we’re aiming to encourage more innovation and inspire more entrepreneurs to seek solutions that scale their business,” said Bud Michael, Innosphere’s director of software and hardware programs.

“The capabilities of SunTech Drive’s product are seemingly boundless, and the company has experienced early wins due to their insightful innovations in the energy sector. I’m excited to start working with their dedicated team to help in scaling their business.”

“It’s an exciting time at SunTech Drive and our ability to capitalize on our early success is further bolstered by partnering with Innosphere,” said John LoPorto, SunTech Drive CEO.

“SunTech was merely an idea just five years ago, and now we’re poised to grow into a major player in the power electronics and energy IoT markets.

“By leveraging Innosphere’s scaling expertise and networks, we feel confident in our evolution and are extremely excited to start writing the next chapter of our story.”

Companies entering the scaleup program are supported by not only their Innosphere liaison, but also work with former C-level executives, experienced staff, and industry-specific advisors.

Headquartered in Boulder, SunTech Drive connects power electronics with IoT Energy Intelligence by enabling edge-of-the-grid AC loads to be effectively powered by solar energy.

SunTech Drive’s products use real-time blending of solar and AC grid power, along with variable speed technology, to offset grid power consumption and eliminate peak demand charges to the consumer.

Through adaptive firmware, SunTech Drive is developing a utility-friendly communication network of power controllers to efficiently regulate load operation.

Innosphere’s Scaleup program focuses on ensuring companies are ready to handle the challenges of growth and developing a personalized plan around the key focus areas of: raising capital; financial and exit planning; talent acquisition; operational excellence; and business development.  

For more information on SunTech Drive, contact CEO John LoPorto at [email protected] or (877) 230-7501.

For more information on Innosphere’s programs, contact enterprise software program director Bud Michael at [email protected] or (970) 221-1301.