SunTech Drive collaborates with Stanford University and Google for energy IOT ARPA-E Project

Wednesday October 24, 2018 0 comments Tags: Boulder, SunTech Drive, Google, DOE NODES, John Loporto

BOULDER -- SunTech Drive announced a new collaboration with both Stanford University and Google to coordinate and control consumer loads and distributed energy resources (DERs) out to the absolute edge of the grid.suntech-drive-logo_1 

SunTech Drive’s Pico family of universal variable speed motor controllers will be the end nodes driving each of the individual loads, upgrading installed systems to “smart” loads.

The project is tied to the Department of Energy’s NODES (Networks of Distributed Energy Systems) initiative. 

"I am glad that SunTech Drive joined Stanford University and Google in this DOE funded initiative to advance the state of the art in the area of distributed energy systems,” said Ana Radovanovic, Google research scientist.

“The envisioned technology could revolutionize the IoT control in the domain of electric motors, by enabling a bi-directional, cloud-based, communication and control for a wide variety of residential and industrial loads.”

SunTech said its products offer full Internet-of-Things and solar ready variable frequency drives that will work with any electric motor regardless of voltage, frequency or phase. 

The universal motor controllers also support multiple analog and digital sensors making every motor an intelligent distributed energy end node.  The products are deployed around the globe in applications including livestock cooling, water pumping and oil and gas installations.

“We are very excited to be partnering with SunTech Drive to develop the higher-level software architectures that will leverage their Pico controller architecture at the end node” said Ram Rajagopal, associate professor at Stanford University.

The project will also involve developing mechanisms for electric utilities to interact with individual loads using metadata schemas for both demand reduction and diversion load control.

“We are very excited to be partnering with such notable partners on a project with vast implications for the future of the grid,” said John LoPorto, SunTech Drive CEO.