Study: Colorado ranks No. 27 in STEM job gender gap

Tuesday May 2, 2017 0 comments Tags: STEM jobs


AUSTIN, Tex. -- Colorado ranks No. 27 on a list of the states with the smallest gender gap in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) occupations, according to a study by Texas-based Investment Zen.Colorado_logoUSE

Colorado has three men for every woman employed in STEM-related jobs, the study found.

In specific numbers, Colorado has 48,317 women employed in STEM compared to 144,303 men.

Maryland has the lowest gender gap, according to the study based on U.S. Census data, with 2.1 men for every woman in a STEM occupation.

Utah has the highest STEM gender gap discrepancy, with 4.5 men for every woman.

According to the study, the Top 10 states with the lowest gender gap are:

  • 1—Maryland (2.1 men to I woman)
  • 2—Massachusetts (2.5 men)
  • 3—Montana (2.5 men)
  • 4—Rhode Island (2.6 men)
  • 5—Delaware (2.6 men)
  • 6—New York (2.6 men)
  • 7—Virginia (2.6 men)
  • 8—North Carolina (2.6 men)
  • 9—Vermont (2.7 men)
  • 10—Minnesota (2.7 men)

The five states with the highest gender gap are:

  • 46—Michigan (3.4 men)
  • 47—Oklahoma (3.4 men)
  • 48—New Hampshire (3.7 men)
  • 49—Idaho (4 men)
  • 50—Utah (4.5 men)

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