SpotX and flytedesk partner to target college Millenials with video ads

Thursday May 5, 2016 0 comments Tags: SpotX, flytedesk, Mike Shehan, Steve Swoboda, Alex Bogusky, Chuck Porter, Sally Brophy, Alex Kronman, TechStars, Alda Abbracciamento


DENVER -- For the first time, Millennial ad-buying platform, flytedesk, has partnered with video inventory management platform, SpotX, to unlock the power of video ads on college newspaper websites.

The Colorado-founded startup, backed by the names behind Crispin Porter + Bogusky and senior leadership at Ogilvy & Mather, lets advertisers target hard-to-reach Millennials, and empowers college newspapers to make video ad sales they’re typically not equipped to handle.flytedesk_logoUSE

Flytedesk’s automated platform enables college newspapers and other campus-based ad opportunities to scale their offerings for big advertisers. Over 50 of the news websites on flytedesk’s platform now offer SpotX’s In-Content Ad Unit, enabling them to place high-yield video ad units into Web pages.

The partnership allows hyperlocal publishers to offer video ad opportunities that would be impossible to scale for large advertisers individually, said Alex Kronman, flytedesk co-founder and CEO.

“Our partnership with SpotX brings programmatic video that works for all our member papers for the first time,” said Kronman.

"Our technology allows big brands to reach millions of students across channels, and automates the whole process. This partnership allows us to extend our offering into high-impact video advertising."

Flytedesk has deployed campaigns for dozens of clients since it launched its platform 8 months ago, including Nintendo, Trojan and L.L.Bean.

The platform aggregates all the advertising on college campuses so brands can engage affluent, influential Millennials across channels. flytedesk currently operates on more than 500 campuses and reaches more than 10 million students.SpotX_logoNEWUSE

“As a fellow Colorado-based startup, SpotX is proud to be working with flytedesk to bring one of our best pieces of technology to college-based publishers,” said Mike Shehan, SpotX CEO and co-founder.

“Our In-Content Ad Units let publishers insert video ads into pages that don’t carry video content. For publishers that don’t have the resources to create their own video content to house pre-roll video ads, this unlocks the potential of high-yield video ads.”

SpotX co-founders Shehan and Steve Swoboda, co-founders of Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Alex Bogusky and Chuck Porter, Ogilvy & Mather MD, Alda Abbracciamento, and former SABMiller and Dow Jones marketing executive Sally Brophy are all investors in flytedesk, a Techstars company.

"Our 12-month goal is to reach every college student in the U.S. across 10 channels,” said Kronman. “We'll be everywhere from tried and true channels like print to emerging platforms that new technology is enabling.”