SpotX and clypd announce platform to help media owners manage TV and video advertising sales

Tuesday November 3, 2015 0 comments Tags: Denver, SpotX, clypd, Randy Cooke, Joshua Summers, programmatic TV, digital video


DENVER -- SpotX   and Massachusetts-based clypd  announced a partnership to develop a single solution for media owners to manage the sale of all forms of TV assets and video inventory.SpotX_logoNEWUSE

The industry-first partnership will pair SpotX’s digital video platform and clypd’s linear TV platform to create ad sales solutions that empower media companies to holistically monetize audiences and video across all distribution points, the companies said.

“We knew from the outset the industry was moving toward a way of holistically measuring audiences no matter how they were watching,” said Randy Cooke, SpotX VP of programmatic TV.

“For TV and digital audiences to monetize at equitable rates befitting the true value of each, the industry needed a way of managing inventory optimization and audience fulfillment across all ad-supported distribution channels.”

The product allows media sales teams to recognize and capitalize on the unique values of each content distribution point, added Joshua Summers, clynpd’s co-founder and CEO.

“Out TV media owner clients, including several premium networks, are enhancing their ad sales efforts with advanced data solutions and automation through our platform,” Summers said.

“By combining forces with SpotX, our partners can actually take advantage of fragmentation. Fragmentation should be seen as an opportunity – not a threat – for both the sell and buy side, an opportunity to leverage defined, targetable audiences.”

SpotX and clypd also announced a strategic partnership with TiVo Research, enabling SpotX to match digital video audiences against TiVo Research’s 2.5 million households.

The partnership gives media owners the ability to fulfill campaign targeting obligations across all content distribution platforms.