Shift from the pattern of empty resolutions to showing conscious resolution to adapt & thrive in 2019

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By Bill Van Eron

CEO, Conscious Business Strategist

Headwaters Marketing & Innovation, LLC

Having resolution is what makes accomplishment so much more satisfying. Conscious resolution assures attention to others and the ecosystem that directly influences success is factored in.van-eron-graphic.1.2

Demonstrating resolution versus this pattern of making false or short-term promises is something most can improve on, given how common this is.

Whether making promises to yourself or to others, having the conscious resolution to fulfill those promises now matters more than ever. But this is not about you. It is about how each of us can benefit by having a supportive mindset to the value of a collective us. In turn, you earn greater support. Not one to preach, as we all grow up with pressures on ourselves to make a grade, often set by others who may not have your best interests or current insights in mind.

A career-altering ‘aha’ happened when I showed the conscious resolution to empathize with others across our ecosystem, then expand our relevance to others; to markets and business value since 1990.

My design career already solidified the cruciality of continuous learning & synthesis, which is why I support more design-think approaches to work across all functions. Once I elevated my view of the full ecosystem after advancing and applying systems thinking, unprecedented and far more inclusive success marked every effort… without exception.

Risk averse leaders who ignore new thinking and attention to others – flat out need to embrace what it takes to lead today. Success now requires a level of conscious leadership, design and actions that leaves most past or current approaches behind.

Are you ready to get conscious and shape resolutions that matter? Act on this now as a major benefit versus assured failure. Figuring it out starts with caring to see & get past all obstacles to success.  

All of us desiring to lead or at least shape careers of meaning have personal challenges, now evolved to a shared truth, challenge & value evident to most employees and most markets - so why hide it?

Many thought leaders support what I learned directly by doing it; that attention to enabling our humanity leads to unparalleled success internally & externally across the "success ecosystem."

This phrase acknowledges that people that expect or strongly desire trust, inclusion, credibility, innovation and relevance, now shape well informed views of what, where & who matters. This strongly impacts how current employees and new talent view industries, careers and companies as worthy or not.

Earn regard to win bigger. Ignore it and be history. 

Our challenge as people within these companies or as customers deciding which to work with or buy from, is to realize our own capacity to affect positive change through open minds, values and actions.

I did this beneath the traditional marketing radar of several major technology companies, as well as for other industries. Most above me were engineers, doctors or other dominant expertise.

While I respected what they knew, when I paid attention to where the status quo was blocking success, and collaborated with them to earn trust and be inclusive with others inside and outside the companies...everything happened as one seamless system of effectiveness.

Our collective reward where such leaders and champions opt to step up and define work that matters and conscious resolution supports them includes:

ü   Trust that all with constructive input were invited, listened to, and factored in to the action. The strategy that resulted reflects the best of that diverse thinking without compromising effectiveness, relevance and outcomes.

ü   Leadership and employees, all felt united around a shared sense of credible purpose inspiring our best work. As vital; market media & influencers, channels and customers increased their regard for our brand.

ü  Champions or leaders, with initial fear of risks or failure, quickly translated to trusted leadership within the ranks. Everyone wanting success started seeking or shaping actions vital to those outcomes.

ü  People & leaders started recognizing untapped attributes that were boxed in to limiting position definitions.

ü  Global team effectiveness was outstanding. Revenue growth was unprecedented (still so) - as long as we as conscious market champions were able to catalyze others to step up to co-define and do work that matters. 

So, how to apply our own advice with a solution markets & employees crave for, yet leaders have resisted? Our effort appears to be the first to design in both enabling and resistance factors, so more can say yes to adapt & thrive.

Our end game is wider effectiveness for all, thus becoming a higher standard for collective business effectiveness. Our challenges include how soon we can connect to ready and needful clients as the need for this is massive.

Aligning our efforts to conscious resolution through a business humanity-inspired strategy, digital solution & alliance of unique, timely conscious capabilities should greatly aid leaders and professionals who struggle with any of the following:

  1. Most CEO top 10 priority lists circle around skills, talent recruitment, effectiveness, innovation, leadership and revenue growth. This unresolved list grows in cruciality as other challenges now divert CEO attention.
  2. Companies that add attention to the greater good & purpose outperform those just bottom line focused. SMB & larger orgs keep each other honest when on an even keel, but those that embrace & show conscious resolution first, will be seen as more genuine. Wait & watch your portrait become a dart board.
  3. People want meaningful work. Current jobs box people in versus free them up to add wider value across functions. Watch what happens when you invite creative people to help sales, finance, HR, other.
  4. The economy and confidence by and in leadership that they know what to do is heading downward according to a recent poll by McKinsey. Suffice for now to say they have:
  5. Unfavorable views of current conditions.
  6. Policy- and politics-related risks remain top threats.

These assessments - while an impact to all business – reflect a willful victim attitude. The bigger opportunity is to shape value and use change to seize a business and collective – we are all in this together – advantage.  

  1. This is a time where real & enduring help will come where internal and external people all feel connected by an organizations commitment to matter well beyond the norms that defined greed, control and closed cultures.
  2. The deep entrenchment of risk aversion, mistrust, low innovation, closed cultures create a sail or fail credo that all have to embrace, commit and be accountable to. We listen between the lines so where any fears, resistance or uncertainty exists, we have answers that address all by design, as seamless to a natural system.
  3. I share our teams concern that mid to large companies continue to define themselves by applied limitation, then by open dialog and actions that earn regard. In the past, leaders were able to constrain attention to their dominant expertise, blame others, fire, hire or pick and choose actions that seemed easiest versus having the impact needed across an ecosystem. Now, evidence points to the high impact of conscious resolution.
  4. While much on this list is rather negative, it also is aligned to what success will require and offer in return when companies commit and invest to achieve a doable level of success today, otherwise unattainable.

So as a sign of conscious resolution, we put rare future-now experience on the line to connect with those ready to shape work, lives, businesses and ecosystems that earn regard.

Not about us. It’s about a better collective you. Companies will apply values and methods that help them to outperform most others. Laggards will be seen as less genuine. As a mix of older, younger and diverse capabilities, we see our role as catalysts to short & long-term success with patterns that endure a soon contagious level of regard.

That was always the case when people experience enlightenment in action and soon the passion to matter in an environment dedicated to that outcome. It feels warmly relevant to be offering people far greater latitude as this is a time where gifts that pay attention to others are most warmly received.

Happy New Year.

Bill Van Eron

About the Author: Bill Van Eron

Bill Van Eron has enjoyed a progressive career in design, marketing, PR as now a perfect experiential transition to help others transform. While Bill still has deep marketing savvy, his goal is to enable others with talent with a better foundation for success. Bill’s 24 years in HP served as a testing ground for challenging the status quo while earning trust, catalyzing others on global teams to add their insight & talents, and achieving yet unprecedented revenues growth…plus advancing all so tech, innovation and humanity achieve a level of effectiveness that all  see as trusted and relevant. Bill is the CEO of Headwaters Marketing & Innovation and champion for conscious design and ecosystem leadership.