ShelfX selling fresh food with smart fridges

Monday March 11, 2019 0 comments Tags: Boulder, ShelfX, Ran Margalit

BOULDER -- Imagine getting the healthy food you want, any time, any place and without standing in line.


If you’re an employee, a student, or anyone simply craving fresh food, you’ve most definitely experienced that moment when you have no options.

Either you’re studying late at night and the only thing in your building is an outdated vending machine, or you’re working at your job and need something quick to eat, only to find the cafeteria is closed for the day.

Also, nothing is worse than going to a grab-and-go restaurant at an airport or in the city for a fast meal and having to wait 20 minutes in line.

Boulder-based ShelfX has been paving the way toward a quicker, smarter, and healthier retail experience. With a thousand fridges in more than 19 countries, ShelfX is a low-cost solution that uses weight sensing technology to allow consumers to walk up to the fridge, swipe their card, decide which products they want, and after selecting, they just close the door and are charged for the purchase.

That’s it. One can purchase as many products as needed, take a look at the product and even put it back -- all without having to wait in line and at any time of day. The completely self-contained unit can be placed anywhere.

ShelfX works by knowing exactly what’s on the shelf through weight-sensing technology and knowing who is in front of it.

Most importantly, this valuable information is key for those selling the food and benefits them greatly while easing the consumer’s shopping experience. ShelfX purchasers can monitor their fridge remotely, know exactly what happens when the fridge is opened, see live inventory, track in-depth sale analytics, as well as set different marketing features in the fridge such as discounts for certain customers.

Employers can set discounts so when an employee uses the fridge, the price is lower than a nonemployee or they can be given a daily allowance.shelfx-logo

ShelfX’s fridges are made by True Manufacturing, the largest fridge manufacturer in the U.S., according to Ran Margalit, ShelfX CEO. The fridges are UL certified, NSF certified for food safety, can process payments in 20 countries, have localization of languages, and follow local rules like EU privacy laws.

“The features available to the person who buys a ShelfX fridge lets them grow their sales exponentially, since they know so much more about their product’s sales and the customers at their fridge,” Margalit said.

Other features include facial recognition, advertising videos when a product is lifted, as well as spoken product descriptions.

One of ShelfX’s largest customers in the U.S., Sodexo (one of the world’s largest food corporations) uses the fridges throughout many of the company's partnered universities, workplaces, gyms and hospitals.

“ShelfX allows us to deliver fresh food to our customers 24X7 and gives us invaluable information about our products being sold,” said Eric Steiner, Sodexo senior product developer manager.