SendGrid introduces Alchemy online learning site for email marketers

Friday September 28, 2018 0 comments Tags: Denver, SendGrid, SendGrid Academy, Steve Sloan

DENVER -- SendGrid, Inc. (NYSE: SEND), a leading digital communication platform that drives engagement and growth, has introduced SendGrid Academy, an online learning program that provides actionable coursework and education for customers regarding email delivery best practices and email marketing.SendGrid_logoNEW

Effective email delivery at scale is complex and according to a 2017 Return Path report, only 80% of wanted email reached its intended recipient.

When wanted email messages aren’t delivered or fail to resonate with the intended audience, businesses miss an important opportunity to drive growth from their customer communications.

SendGrid said it launched the Academy to take out the guesswork of how to get into the inbox and help customers optimize their email programs.

Designed by SendGrid’s team of leading email industry experts, SendGrid Academy features coursework for both the experienced and the novice email marketer sending a first campaign.

Each course can be completed in as little as 15 minutes and features detailed how-to’s, scenario-based examples, clear, actionable steps and a curated list of resources.

The courses cover a range of bite-sized, high-impact strategies, including email delivery fundamentals, personalization, segmentation and how to get the most value from SendGrid’s email marketing solution, Marketing Campaigns.

“Customers consistently tell us that they are eager to learn more about the constantly evolving landscape of email delivery and email marketing,” said Steve Sloan, SendGrid’s chief product officer.

“SendGrid Academy will provide customers with the knowledge to create compelling email, ensure its successful delivery and use it to drive growth in their business.”

"As a manager, it was important to me to understand the more technical elements of how our transactional emails were being set up and sent out to our user,” said Dallas Hendricks, director of operations at Telespine.

“SendGrid Academy does a great job of breaking down each individual element -- from APIs and domain registration to unsubscribe features and marketing best practices -- for a wide range of technical experience.”

Examples of SendGrid Academy courses include:

  • Get Up Close And Personal With Your Contacts: This course covers how to thoughtfully approach the management of customer data and organize recipients so that customers are poised for success when it comes to segmentation and personalization of content.
  • Figure Out Why Emails Are Going To Spam: This course dives into the realities of how spam filters work and how to keep emails out of them including setting realistic expectations for inbox rate, common pitfalls and how to troubleshoot when a test email fails.
  • Steps for a Smart Start With Marketing Campaigns: This includes how to optimize contacts for better engagement, maintain compliance and powerful opt-out preferences to keep an email program healthy.