Securisyn Medical joins Catalyst HTI campus

Friday July 26, 2019 0 comments Tags: Denver, Catalyst Campus, Securisyn, Mike Biselli, Mark Bruning

DENVER -- Securisyn Medical, LLC, a medical device company dedicated to inspiring the world to collaborate to make airway management safer, announced it has joined the Catalyst HTI ecosystem in Denver.Catalyst_logo

“Catalyst HTI has taken a bold approach to identify and engineer innovative solutions to solve some the biggest and most complex challenges facing us in health care by bringing cutting-edge health care companies together in partnership with providers, payors, government, academic and non-profit organizations,” said Mark Bruning, Securisyn president and CEO.

“We have joined Catalyst HTI because they share the same sense of passion, collaboration and innovation that is ingrained in our own DNA and mission.”

“We have been watching this campus and community closely as it grew and more start-ups, organizations and thought leaders that we respected joined Catalyst,” said Bruning.

“But what really sealed the deal was a micro pitch networking event featuring 70 companies in Catalyst that we attended as a guest of (Catalyst president) Mike (Biselli).

“We were absolutely blown away by the incredible energy, diversity and commitment in the room from companies, partners and investors alike.  That’s when our team said, we need to be a part of this”.

“I can’t wait to have Securisyn’s leadership on campus as we embark on a new journey to reimagine this industry through invention, technology and innovation, by doing it together.” said Biselli.

“We are thrilled that Securisyn Medical has joined us at Catalyst HTI, to further their journey to help solve common, costly and often preventable complications of airway management for ventilated patients.”

Securisyn Medical was co-founded by Colorado natives Dr. Arthur Kanowitz, MD, chairman/CMO, and Elyse Blazevich, COO/CFO, with a singular vision to make airway management safer through innovation, education and collaboration. 

“Our successful development and delivery of disruptive technology to the patients who need it, depends in large part on our collaboration with the vibrant entrepreneurial life science community right here in Denver,” said Blazevich.

“We are thrilled to become an integral part of the Catalyst innovation ecosystem that is elevating Colorado to the leader in healthcare transformation.” 

Securisyn Medical said it intends to use its technology to fill an unmet need for civilian and military healthcare facilities globally that deliver care to mechanically ventilated patients in critical care areas such as Intensive Care Units (ICU), Operating Rooms (OR) and Emergency Departments (ED), as well as ground and air medical transportation entities.