SeaStar Medical is latest addition to Catalyst HTI

Friday June 7, 2019 0 comments Tags: Denver, SeaStar Medical, Mike Biselli, Catalyst HTI, Charles J. Fisher Jr.

DENVER -- SeaStar Medical is the newest addition to the Catalyst HTI  ecosystem in north Denver.seastar-logo

“Catalyst HTI’s central location and life science focus is what initially drew us to build a footprint here,” said Charles J Fisher, Jr., CEO of SeaStar.

“Coming together here has catalyzed our product development efforts, which have the potential to save lives and set new standards for treating acute organ injuries.”

As a commercial-stage, product driven, medical device company, SeaStar‘s FDA-cleared device is designed to potentially reduce organ injury in patients and organ donors. Its CLR (Cardiac, Lung & Renal) cartridge is currently being used to improve donor organ function, increasing the number of viable organs for the more than 120,000 patients currently waiting for lifesaving transplants. 

SeaStar said its innovative approach to modulating inflammation has led to the development of the Selective Cytopheretic Device (SCD) family of cartridges, which have demonstrated the ability to reduce inflammation and organ failure. 

The SCD captures activated leukocytes and transforms them from proinflammatory to reparative.  This program has the potential to be transformative to the care and management of critically ill patients.

“With my work across healthcare innovation in our nation and beyond, it is becoming more and more evident that digital health, medical device, bio and life science, pharma and other disciplines are converging and integrating with each other,” said Mike Biselli, president and cofounder of Catalyst HTI.

“And, I anticipate this convergence and integration to further accelerate in the future. Thus, I’m thrilled to have SeaStar’s mindshare and leadership on campus as we commit to work together to move the health of our nation forward.”