SOI Sales announces it is joining Catalyst HTI campus

Friday February 1, 2019 0 comments Tags: Denver, Catalyst HTI, Spheres of Influence , Mike Biselli, Sean Kelly

DENVER -- SOI Sales, a consulting firm focused on increasing sales efficiencies and revenue, announce its membership in the Catalyst HTI ecosystem in the River North district of Denver.

“Over the last few years, I had heard about the exciting vision Mike Biselli had for the Catalyst HTI community and the healthcare industry,” said Sean Kelly, CEO of SOI Sales.spheres-of-influence-logo

“Thus, being at the center of healthcare collaboration was an easy decision for SOI Sales.”

Kelly has been involved in the healthcare industry, both domestically and in Europe, for the last 15 years with several Fortune 100 Companies as well as startups.

“From my first-hand experience, I have seen inefficient procurement and decision-making processes that often stifle innovation in the healthcare delivery system,” Kelly said.

Kelly said he sees Catalyst HTI as an ecosystem that is integrating key stakeholders in healthcare to foster innovation.

“It is my passion to help these stakeholders deliver their solutions more effectively and, therefore, produce a more cost-effective healthcare market.”

At its core, SOI provides tools to organizations to increase sales effectiveness and shorten the complex healthcare sales cycle. SOI said it differentiates itself from other sales consulting methods by focusing on coaching behaviors and goal attainment. 

“At SOI, we believe sales teams inherently have the skillset to be successful.  What they need are sales tools and a sales roadmap to get to their destination,” said Kelly.

To that end, SOI said it has created a framework with their SOI Sales Playbook that focuses on continuous goal refinement to achieve a proactive state and drive revenue.

“Being in healthcare business development for almost two decades, I quickly recognized the importance of having Sean’s leadership at Catalyst HTI,” said Biselli. 

“Selling into the healthcare industry is one of the most complex environments for business development professionals.  Sean and his team have quickly made a positive contribution to the many teams that call Catalyst HTI home. 

“I am excited to see where SOI’s leadership will further take our ecosystem,” Biselli said.