SCL Health announces partnership with Empiric Health to improve surgery

Tuesday December 24, 2019 0 comments Tags: Broomfield, SCL Health, Empiric Health, Simon Payne, Rick Adam

BROOMFIELD -- SCL Health announced a new partnership with Empiric Health, an analytics-enabled service company focused on providing proprietary data to help surgical teams identify opportunities for improving surgical outcomes and affordability for patients.SCL_Health_logoUSE 

The partnership will provide actionable data to clinical teams to identify opportunities to enhance perioperative efficiency and surgical quality with the ultimate goal of reducing variable surgical costs.

SCL Health said it will benefit from Empiric Health's unique combination of clinical knowledge and proprietary technology to capture relevant clinical data and analytics using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

With access to thousands of data points grouped in easy-to-understand cohorts, SCL clinical teams -- including employees and providers -- will have data to improve surgical planning processes and further reduce variation in care and cost.

"I am excited about our partnership with Empiric Health, as the data made available through Empiric Health assists our providers in overcoming the traditional problem of surgical data variation due to individual patient differences," said Simon Payne, SCL Health chief medical officer.

"Openly sharing data that our providers and surgeons trust affords us a tremendous opportunity to evaluate variability, to continue our commitment to enhancing our quality excellence, including improvements in surgical quality and perioperative efficiency, and to ultimately reduce surgical cost."

"We are proud to partner with SCL Health and continue to support their commitment to delivering safe, high-quality, effective care to every patient, every time, everywhere," said Rick Adam, Empiric Health CEO.

"We look forward to a successful partnership that will have benefits for patients and providers for many years to come."