Roximity updates in-store retail mobile shopping experience with Verified Places software kit

Wednesday December 16, 2015 0 comments Tags: Denver, ROXIMITY, Verified Places, Danny Newman


DENVER -- Roximity,  a leading location-based analytics platform and maker of Bluetooth Low Energy beacons, announced it has launched Verified Places, which enhances retailers’ ability to provide mobile experiences even for customers in locations that have yet to deploy beacons.Roximity_logoUSE

The new software development kit release with Verified Places will help marketers and developers ensure their mobile apps are providing the highest level of mobile service to their customers – even when a user’s Bluetooth or location services are turned off on their mobile phone, Roximity said.

New features of the product include:

  • Number of shoppers in store
  • Length of time spent in store
  • Number and types of messages delivered
  • The ability to create in-app experiences tailored to Verified Places
  • The ability to roll out nationwide location-based in-app experiences while deploying beacons for precise indoor experiences

“Today’s growing in-store application usage means retailers must be more diligent than ever before when providing a personalized mobile experience for their shoppers,” said Danny Newman, Roximity CEO.

“Roximity’s newest update gives mobile developers a leg up on the competition, with features that no other location-based platform can offer.”

The new Software Development Kit with Verified Places is now available for existing customers at