RollingFWD launches first vibrating foam roller

Monday October 19, 2015 0 comments Tags: Boulder, RollingFWD, Mark Gonglach, vibrating foam rolle


BOULDER -- Boulder entrepreneur Mark Gonglach announced the launch of the first high-tech foam roller with 11 hours of vibrating power to help athletes reduce recovery time and increase their performance.RollingFWD_logoUSE

Gonglach said his background in sports equipment and sales led him to transition from Rally Software to launching RollingFWD,  which combines massage and vibration technology.

In September, Gonglach launched the company’s vibrating foam roller on Kickstarter and reached his funding goal in 10 days.

“When people try our roller for the first time, they love the results vibration gives them” Gonglach said. “The feedback we’ve been getting is overwhelmingly positive. It’s truly an upgrade to traditional foam rolling.”

Massage, including foam rolling, has long been used to help anyone with stiffness and sore muscles. By pairing that with vibration, RollingFWD said it is unlocking a whole new set of benefits that include reduced pain, increased blood flow and faster recovery.