Rockies Venture Club and EnConnect Holdings join to help entrepreneurs

Wednesday September 16, 2015 0 comments Tags: Fort Collins, Denver, Rockies Venture Club, EnConnect, Peter Adams, Hope Hartman


FORT COLLINS/DENVER -- Rockies Venture Club  (RVC), a Denver-based nonprofit angel investment group, and EnConnect Holdings,  a Fort Collins firm providing specialized services to enhance technology-based venture businesses, announced the formation of a strategic alliance to enhance Colorado’s burgeoning entrepreneurial economy.EnConnect_logoUSE  

The RVC offers a structure to bring entrepreneurs in need of capital investment and individual accredited investors interested in investing in venture businesses -- angel investors -- together in the startup world. Angel investors play a critical role in the entrepreneurial ecosystem to provide the first real investment that is not from the entrepreneur’s own credit card or contributions from family and friends.

“As a nonprofit organization, RVC’s mission is to further economic development in Colorado and beyond by educating and connecting entrepreneurs and angel investors,” said Peter Adams, RVC’s executive director. “We’ve developed a process-driven approach that is more efficient and profitable for both investors and entrepreneurs.”

EnConnect said it provides services to new ventures, such as fractional executive services and intellectual property strategy consulting, so ventures can grow in the right direction.  Once a venture receives funding, it would typically need some help right away, but with limited resources it is often difficult to hire many full-time employees -- especially experienced executives.

A fractional executive service makes it affordable to hire experienced executives with specialized knowledge and a track record of successful business deals for a small incremental time, EnConnect said. 

“Today’s startups and high-tech ventures are embracing lean strategies out of the gate and HR/ team-building is one of the biggest challenges these new companies face,” said Hope Hartman, EnConnect CEO. “Their success depends on the right people in the right roles, and fractional management is one of the most affordable ways to keep a company on track and projecting forward so that all stakeholders experience the value.”Rockies_Venture_Club_logoUSE_1

One of the unique aspects of the many technology-based ventures is their intellectual property -- such as a patent -- that can provide a market advantage and protection from competitors. However, EnConnect said alignment between patents and the business plan is often not coordinated thoroughly to optimize their values.  

EnConnect said more than 25 years of experience and nearly 200 technology licensing and other strategic intellectual property-related deals negotiated by its two principals makes the company one of the most experienced business consulting firms on intellectual property management in Colorado. 

“We have experience managing and advising clients by using a specialized intellectual property management software from just a few intellectual properties to a large portfolio of over 25,000 patents,” said Denichiro 'Denny' Otsuga, EnConnect president. “We understand the importance of processes, strategy and resources needed to effectively manage intellectual properties when scaling up from a startup to a large organization.”

“It makes sense for RVC and EnConnect to work together so that companies funded by RVC’s angel investors can seek support from EnConnect,” said RVC’s Adams. “In turn, EnConnect can extend the impact of RVC’s educational courses and events beyond Denver and Boulder to allow entrepreneurs and venture companies to meet with angel investors in the communities north of Denver.

"Both entities working together will undoubtedly enhance the entrepreneurial economy of Colorado and beyond."