Report: Colorado among most educated states

Friday August 23, 2019 Tags: Colorado, Stacker

COLORADO -- Colorado ranks No. 2 on a list of the “Most and Least Educated  States in America,” according to a report by Stacker, a data-driven company that analyzes public and private data sources.Colorado_logoUSE

Colorado was just behind Massachusetts, which claimed the top spot on the list.

The report said 24.8 percent of Colorado residents have a bachelor degree, 14.6 percent have a graduate or other professional degree and 8.4 percent have an associate degree.

A total of 21.8 percent have some college, while only 3.6 percent have less than a high school education, the report notes.

The top 10 most educated states, according to the Stacker report, are:

  1. Massachusetts
  2. Colorado
  3. Maryland
  4. Connecticut
  5. New Hampshire
  6. Vermont
  7. Virginia
  8. Minnesota
  9. Washinton
  10. New Jersey

The bottom 10 states, located primarily in the South, are:

  1. Oklahoma
  2. Tennessee
  3. Texas
  4. Alabama
  5. Nevada
  6. Kentucky
  7. Arkansas
  8. Louisiana
  9. Mississippi
  10. West Virginia

To view the entire report, click here.