Remote GeoSystems adds MISB Full Motion Video support to LineVision Desktop software suite

Monday November 26, 2018 0 comments Tags: Fort Collins, Remote GeoSystems, LineVision

FORT COLLINS -- Remote GeoSystems, Inc., a global provider of immersive geospatial video software and recorders for survey and inspection, announced the LineVision Desktop software suite now supports map-based playback and geoProject reporting with MISB FMV-compliant videos.Remote_Geo_logoUSE

Often larger commercial and military drones used in beyond visual line of site (BVLOS) operations and manned aircraft are equipped with a gyro-stabilized gimbal camera system capable of generating MISB-spec (STANAG 4609) metadata in the video stream.

This could include existing 3rd-party systems from defense contractors, and/or gimbals utilizing the new geoDVR MISB FMV Module released last month for the direct recording of MISB FMV-compliant videos using the company’s flagship multi-sensor geoDVR geospatial video recorder.

Now, Remote GeoSystems’ LineVision Desktop software can import these MISB-spec full motion video files and read the metadata to calculate and display a dynamic “footprint” along with the camera target frame center. 

The resulting display shows the current video frame’s location outline moving on the map as well as the aircraft’s location. This capability provides analysts and subject matter experts a more accurate location of asset conditions or situational awareness on the ground.

From high-end military surveillance cameras to consumer drones, the addition of MISB FMV support makes Remote GeoSytems’ LineVision Desktop the most ubiquitous tool for map-based video data fusion utilizing continuously georeferenced video from nearly any UAV, manned aircraft or ground-based platform, the company said.