Radish releases ChoiceView Agent 3 for live sharing visuals

Wednesday July 12, 2017 0 comments Tags: Boulder, Radish Systems, ChoiceView Agent 3, Richard A. Davis


BOULDER -- Radish Systems, a leader in voice and data mobility solutions for visual customer service, announced the latest addition to its patented ChoiceView® multichannel ‘voice with visuals’ platform.radish-systems-logouse

Radish said its ChoiceView Agent 3 gives contact center and business users (or agents) -- via a web browser on any computer, tablet, or smart device -- a new visual means for communicating with customers during phone calls or chat sessions.

It allows agents to easily share a great variety of visual information with customers rather than simply speaking it or typing it back, the company said.

ChoiceView Agent 3 in a browser format, available in a subscription model and in use now by businesses, provides the capabilities found in the popular Windows® based ChoiceView Agent by opening a web browser and logging in rather than installing software.

ChoiceView increases comprehension on calls by as much as 600%, helps callers resolve inquiries faster with more clarity, improves the overall user experience, and increases business profits, Radish said.

"ChoiceView is a patented, cloud-based switching platform for establishing data sessions in conjunction with phone calls or chat sessions,” said Richard A. Davis, Radish CTO.

“The same ChoiceView platform works for live agents, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, virtual agents, chat bots, and phone bots. As a result, visual transfer and visual sharing interwork seamlessly among systems.

“ChoiceView is an over-the-top solution that's easily deployed and compatible with the existing business infrastructure, numbering plans, call routing, and business contact centers. It doesn't require replacing existing equipment."

Since it's implemented in a web browser, Radish said ChoiceView Agent 3 is compatible with most any device with Internet access used by agents, including computers, tablets and smartphones.

ChoiceView Agent 3 allows agents to easily send visuals, interactive forms, clipboard copies, snips and screenshots during a call or chat session, the company said.

Rather than hearing voice-only or seeing text-only, customers can participate in a rich multimedia conversation, Radish said.