RMI and Emerald partner to accelerate energy transformation

Friday June 12, 2020 0 comments Tags: Boulder, RMI, Emerald Technology, Gina Domanig, Jules Kortenhorst, Jon Creyts, Christoph Frei

BOULDER -- Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) and Emerald Technology Ventures are entering a partnership to accelerate decarbonization and the global energy transformation.RMI-logo  

The partnership aims to support the identification and development of successful startups and form an open innovation community with a select group of the world’s most agile and ambitious energy companies.

RMI and Emerald will leverage each other’s strengths, network, and acceleration activities of RMI’s Third Derivative and Emerald’s Global Energy Transformation Alliance with the ambition to achieve transformational impact.

The Global Energy Transformation Alliance (GETalliance), an initiative of Emerald, convenes a select group of the world’s most ambitious energy companies and supports them in their individual and collaborative transformation efforts by jointly working on critical innovation areas.

Through their participation in the alliance, involved companies multiply their individual innovation capabilities and accelerate the ventures they invest in.

“It is our objective to support our energy company investors in their individual and collaborative transformation and innovation efforts by jointly working on critical innovation areas,” said Gina Domanig, managing partner at Emerald.

“At Emerald, we have 20 years’ experience in delivering strategic innovation value to our investors and we see massive opportunities in advancing innovation objectives in the energy industry through open innovation and collaborative approaches.”

“The acceleration of the energy transformation is urgent and at RMI we have deep expertise in how to advance innovation and build impact communities,” said RMI CEO Jules Kortenhorst.

“We believe that combining the skillsets of Emerald and RMI and convening a community of sector leaders behind the ambition to transformation energy use has immense potential at a time when the world needs to dramatically decarbonize.”

Emerald’s and RMI’s unique strengths in venture capital, strategic innovation collaboration and insights, and impact community management will provide unparalleled support to the members of the GETalliance in their transformative ambition.

The GETalliance will have its own dedicated fund and deliver against objectives through a set of specifically designed innovation acceleration activities for investing in energy companies and targeted startups.

“We are excited to partner with Emerald on the GETalliance,” said Jon Creyts, managing director at RMI. “The ambition, scope and focus of RMI’s Third Derivative initiative complements well the strengths of the GETalliance.

“Working together with Emerald on those two initiatives will bring together strong teams and skillsets and deliver great value to all involved firms.”

“There are many dynamic ambitious energy firms out there who are serious about the transformation but are limited by their size and fragmentation of the sector,” said Christoph Frei, partner at Emerald leading the GETalliance.

“The GETalliance will unleash the joint capabilities of some of the most innovative and dynamic firms and set the benchmark for ambition and impact in the energy transformation space.”