Prima-Temp raises $5M, receives CE mark for Priya fertility sensor innovation

Monday May 6, 2019 0 comments Tags: Boulder, Prima-Temp, Steve Hane, Gedeon Richter

BOULDER -- Boulder-based Prima-Temp, Inc. a developer and manufacturer of AI-assisted fertility management products, announced it raised  $5M  in new funding in March from the Hungarian pharmaceutical company Gedeon Richter, and in April achieved CE mark certification for its Priya Fertility Sensor product.prima-temp-logo

Steve Hane, Prima-Temp's new president and CEO, led the fundraising effort. 

"I was very excited to join Prima-Temp earlier this year, and am now even more enthused with the news of these pivotal investment and certification events," said Hane. 

"Prima-Temp's approach to continuous core body temperature monitoring as a correlative factor to fertility prediction is just the first step on a broader approach to developing a digital chronobiology platform for creating better health outcomes for women. 

“Combining our European partnership with Gedeon Richter, and CE mark certification for Priya, we're well-positioned for an exciting future."

"This funding support of Prima-Temp is a clear sign of our commitment towards our partner, and it proves our trust in the device under development. In our view, female fertility is a paramount market within women's healthcare, which is our core business," said Gabor Orban, Gedeon Richter CEO.

The Priya Sensor was developed to overcome the limitations of current fertility detection methods, designed to predict the pre-ovulatory period of time most favorable for achieving pregnancy.

Priya is an intravaginal, flexible medical-grade ring form-factor that continuously measures and records core body temperature (CBT). The sensor transmits this data wirelessly to the Priya App, for the proprietary algorithm to predict the fertile window, providing an empowering and effortless fertility management experience.

CBT is widely recognized by circadian researchers as a cornerstone measurement for correlating to a wide variety of health-related indications, beyond fertility and into realms of clinical decision support in many areas like sleep disorders, sepsis detection and oncology.

Gedeon Richter Plc. (, headquartered in Budapest, Hungary, is a major pharmaceutical company in central eastern Europe, with an expanding direct presence in western Europe, China and Latin America.

Prima-Temp is pioneering chronobiological healthcare for women. The company combines chronobiology and advanced intelligence machine learning, utilizing circadian rhythm patterns to track and alert as to a variety of important health parameters.