Prieto Battery reaches milestone for commercialization of safer 3D Li-on anode chemistry

Wednesday September 4, 2019 0 comments Tags: Fort Collins, Prieto Battery, Amy Prieto

FORT COLLINS -- Prieto Battery today announced positive  results for its first ever third-party validation from Energy Assurance, LLC.Prieto_Battery_logoUSE

Specifically, Prieto had a group of fully assembled batteries containing their proprietary 3D anode tested against an array of UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standards for Li-ion chemistry.

All of Prieto’s batteries had a 100% success rate with zero failures, the company said.

“These results validate the science and manufacturing methodology we’ve been working on for a long time,” said Dr. Amy Prieto, CTO and founder of Prieto Battery.

“Besides demonstrating that our chemistry and materials are safer, it’s equally as impressive that none of the cells failed and points to an exciting pivot point in our company, one where we move from focusing on R&D to getting our first product commercialized.”

Prieto Battery said it is betting on demand for a safer Li-ion chemistry. Li-ion battery fires are becoming more common as the world accelerates the electrification of the global economy.

Prieto has two products in the pipeline that will offer solutions to the threat of fire hazards to replace current Li-ion chemistries. The first being the newly tested 3D anode that is assembled into a full battery using a traditional liquid electrolyte; and the second one is a 3D solid state cell using Prieto’s proprietary solid polymer electrolyte.

With the results of these recent tests, Prieto said it is launching its next round of funding to scale manufacturing of the 3D anode and accelerate the commercial prototyping of the 3D solid state cell.