Water Foundry, Plutoshift partner to bring digital transformation to biz that rely on water for ops

Tuesday October 22, 2019 0 comments Tags: Denver, Water Foundry, Plutoshift, Will Sarni

DENVER -- Water Foundry, a global advisor in solving water-related challenges and driving technology innovation, and California-based Plutoshift, a leader in data intelligence for industrial processes, today announced a new partnership to develop and implement digital strategies for businesses that rely on water in their operations.Water-Foundry-logo 

Business Water refers to the use of critical assets and resources to strategically value and manage water in industrial operations. The underlying dimensions of Business Water are value, full cost, waste, efficiency, reuse and supply of water, making it one of the biggest challenges in industrial operations.

“Plutoshift’s unique approach of applying AI in a practical and focused way -- we call it ‘Grounded AI’ -- and Water Foundry’s unparalleled expertise in corporate water strategy and adoption of innovative digital technologies together make for a powerful combination,” said Prateek Joshi, CEO and founder of Plutoshift.

“Joining forces will allow us to drive change, engage in strategic thought leadership and deliver real value to companies that face Business Water challenges.”

Plutoshift said its specialized view of process performance for industrial companies creates a unified window and insight into manufacturing operations through sophisticated software that leverages the Grounded AI framework to drive action and quantitative return on investment (ROI) outcomes.

Water Foundry works with many of the world's most recognized brands on mitigating water-related risks. The company said it is committed to building an ecosystem of partners with a shared vision that collectively we can ensure a future where water is abundant for economic development, business growth and social well-being.

“New digital technologies are enabling water utilities and industries across the world to extract greater information and efficiencies from legacy water infrastructure,” said Will Sarni, founder and CEO of Water Foundry.

“This means enhanced decision-making, greater promotion of water conservation, the building of twenty-first century water infrastructure, and -- perhaps most importantly -- increasing the value and benefits of the global water infrastructure network.

“The issues surrounding water can’t be solved by one stakeholder. Only when we bring together thought leaders and visionaries that can solve different parts of the puzzle can we truly make an impact.”

To kick off the partnership, Joshi will be participating in the Digital Water Technology Workshop for the Colorado River Basin, designed and convened by Water Foundry and the Environmental Law Institute on Oct. 23 in Denver.

The workshop will highlight challenges in the Colorado River Basin that could be addressed through digital solutions, map and prioritize feasible technological solutions for the basin, and identify and define two to three digital technology pilot projects to implement in the Colorado River Basin.