Ping Identity releases new product to provide security from identity attacks  

Friday May 17, 2019 0 comments Tags: Denver, Ping Identity, Andre Durand

DENVER -- Ping Identity today announced a cloud-based multi-factor authentication (MFA) and single sign-on (SSO) bundle, delivering security from identity-based attacks.Ping_logoUSE

Available now for a free 30-day trial, customers can protect applications, data and employees from pervasive security threats centered around phishing attacks, stolen credentials and more.

Ping said organizations want ease-of-use, fast integrations and the ability to easily grow without needing to switch vendors as they mature. Ping said its cloud MFA and SSO bundle directly addresses this market need, with more than 2.5 million unique monthly users for the cloud MFA solution alone.

The solution joins the rest of Ping’s product portfolio, which is used by more than 50% of the Fortune 100 and secures over two billion identities globally.

Identity has become the most common vulnerability that hackers seek to exploit, Ping said. While single sign-on solutions remain a high priority to increase user productivity and enterprise security, the surface area for cyber threats has expanded and attack methods have evolved.

With these considerations, it’s equally important for customers to implement additional security for sensitive resources, high-value transactions and other elevated risk scenarios using multi-factor authentication.

Ping’s 2018 State of Enterprise IT Infrastructure & Security survey found 90% of respondents trust MFA as an effective security control to protect identity data in public clouds, yet only 60% of organizations have formally adopted it.

Ping said the MFA and SSO bundle is specifically designed to help overcome these inherent challenges in MFA adoption by minimizing associated burdens, while also providing seamless end user experiences and best-in-class solutions.

Ping said its new cloud MFA and SSO bundle helps enable fast and seamless integration of MFA for enterprises. Customers can benefit from the following features and functionality:

  • Effortless integration: Integrations take place rapidly, making the transition seamless with existing infrastructures.
  • Straightforward administration: With a centralized console and multiple self-service options, administration is easier than ever.
  • Advanced access policies: Contextual policies -- typically only found in the premium, high-priced MFA solutions in the market -- grant administrators flexibility to help balance security and convenience for end users.
  • Covering for many popular use cases: The cloud MFA and SSO bundle was built for easy deployment across popular use cases, including SaaS, cloud apps, VPN, Microsoft Azure, and more.

“Ping Identity is committed to providing the strongest security possible for enterprises. The cloud MFA and SSO bundle delivers on this promise, while also maintaining a high-value user experience,” said Andre Durand, CEO, Ping Identity.

“Organizations can benefit from the streamlined adoption process, pain-free management and cost-effective model, as it addresses the growing necessity for strong MFA and SSO.”