Ping Identity partners with SailPoint Technologies, acquires Elastic Beam

Friday June 29, 2018 0 comments Tags: Denver, Ping Identity, SailPoint Technologies, Elastic Beam, Andre Durand, Joe Gottlieb, Ping Intelligence for APIs

DENVER & BOSTON -- Ping Identity announced a strategic partnership with Texas-based SailPoint Technologies, a leader in enterprise identity governance, to provide simplified identity access and governance for today’s most complex enterprise environments.

Global organizations will now have access to a flexible solution designed to provide an identity ecosystem for granting secure access to the right people, while also governing that access, the companies said.Ping_logoUSE

Today’s typical IT team is being stretched to manage a combination of on-premises and cloud infrastructure. As a result, it’s becoming more important for these companies to define the requirements around complex permissions and policies in the security tools they are leveraging.

They are also seeking solutions to simplify all of this across a hybrid IT environment. The partnership between Ping Identity and SailPoint addresses many of the challenges these complex applications and environments provide. By putting identity at the center of a deployment, enterprises will benefit from the added security to prevent breaches and enable them to meet highly-regulated requirements, the companies said.

The Ping Identity Platform can be used across workforce, partner and customer identity types and offers a modern identity and access management solution to meet complex enterprise demands.

These capabilities complement SailPoint’s focus on staying at the forefront of innovation in developing identity solutions that keep pace with the increasing global regulatory and cyber security landscape.

“We've worked with SailPoint to deliver simplified, secure access and governance for complex, hybrid environments for years,” said Andre Durand, Ping Identity CEO.

“Our customers have confidence that our solutions will work together, out of the box, with no additional costs for integration.”

“Ping Identity and SailPoint have a long history addressing the most complex identity and access management challenges of the hybrid enterprise,” said Joe Gottlieb, SailPoint’s senior VP of corporate development.

“This partnership will make it easier for our joint customers to deliver policy-based access control; comprehensive identity governance; and streamlined access requests, approvals and certifications.”

“By bringing Ping Identity and SailPoint together, enterprises have the ability to solve their complex security issues in a standards-friendly and cross platform manner, with a rapid deployment model to help enable success,” said Jacob Pszonowsky, principal, Cyber Security Services at KPMG LLP.

“Many of our clients use both solutions already and have seen benefits from the increased integrations and cooperation when developing their IAM capabilities and solutions.”

Ping also announced the acquisition of API cybersecurity provider Elastic Beam and the launch of PingIntelligence for APIs.

Ping said the new AI-powered solution brings an increased level of intelligence into how APIs are accessed and used, including the ability to identify and block cyberattacks that target APIs to compromise data and systems.

It makes Ping Identity the first company to leverage artificial intelligence in a comprehensive solution to secure API infrastructures in public and hybrid clouds, the company said.

Prior to the acquisition, Elastic Beam built the first hybrid cloud software solution that combined advanced AI techniques with strong API behavior expertise to detect and automatically stop threats that use APIs to gain control of systems and data.

The solution can autodiscover all active APIs to make sure that none are forgotten or overlooked and delivers deep visibility into all API activity. With this new technology, Ping Identity can enable businesses to recognize and respond to rapidly changing, dynamic attacks which target API vulnerabilities -- without predefined policies or security rules.

“We believe that adding intelligence based on machine learning analytics to the Ping Identity Platform is the next wave of identity security,” said Ping’s Durand.

“For years, Ping has been delivering API security to global organizations with market-leading products like PingFederate and PingAccess. This acquisition extends our leadership by providing a comprehensive intelligence-based approach to API security.

“As an industry, it’s critical that we make decisions based on the ever-changing nature of context and behavior versus pre-defined policies that attempt to capture when, where and why a user is trying to access something.”