Pet Releaf launches hemp protein bar for dogs

Thursday September 26, 2019 0 comments Tags: Littleton, Pet Releaf, Chelsea Gennings, Boom Bars

LITTLETON -- Pet Releaf announced the launch of Boom Bars, a protein bar for

The hemp protein supplement bars, derived from Pet Releaf’s proprietary USDA Organic hemp strain, PR-33, are an excellent source of hemp seed protein and include all nine essential amino acids, the company said.

Pet Releaf said its Boom Bars are human-grade, all-natural and 100% safe.

“Formulated by two veterinarians, Boom Bars are a great supplement to ensure your pet is getting essential nutrients or to aid in recovery after exercise,” said Chelsea Gennings, co-founder and VP of Pet Releaf.

“We introduced Boom Bars because we wanted our pet companions to have all-natural and high-quality options when it comes to the supplements being offered to them.”

Pet Releaf said its veterinarian product development team developed Boom Bars to ensure each recipe only includes nutrient-dense ingredients that directly and holistically impact pet health.

According to the company, each recipe has a special formulation chosen for its beneficial properties:

  • The Longevity Boom Bar gives older animals the best life possible with ingredients like noni, a fruit that is phenomenal for skin and coat health, and moringa powder, a seed that strengthens joints, muscles, bones, and teeth.
  • The Energize Boom Bar is the perfect boost for dogs before or during a long walk or hike and includes key ingredients like ginseng, a natural energy booster and stress reliever.
  • The Recovery Boom Bar rewards dogs after a long day of adventure, and contains key ingredients like goji berries, which naturally reduce inflammation, and baobab, a fruit containing 10x more Vitamin C than an orange to help maintain bone strength.

Boom Bars are now available at more than 5,000 independent retail locations already carrying Pet Releaf’s full line of CBD supplements, topicals, oils and capsules.