Paragon 28 launches sterile kit to streamline delivery of first-of-its-kind hammertoe and plantar plate repair solution

Friday November 15, 2019 0 comments Tags: Englewood, Paragon 28, TenoTac

ENGLEWOOD -- Paragon 28 announced the release of a sterile kit for foot surgeons to simplify the installation of the company's TenoTac Soft Tissue Fixation System.

Launched in January 2019, TenoTac provides surgeons the first and only dedicated system to address tendon transfers of the forefoot.paragon-28-logo 

In contrast to traditional methods for flexor tendon transfers, TenoTac facilitates correction without releasing tissue attachments distally by balancing plantar and dorsal tension, the company said. 

Plantar and dorsal tissue distal to the TenoTac are locked in and balanced, while tissue proximal to the tack is bolstered and stabilized. The system requires a small incision plantarly which avoids the weight bearing surface and small incision dorsally to facilitate implantation, resulting in less swelling, pain, and scarring when compared to traditional approaches.

The TenoTac Soft Tissue Fixation System uses a titanium threaded implant and a simple insertion method to gain optimal fixation of soft tissue to bone. The phalanx is prepped with the provided instrumentation and the plantar tack is inserted into the bone tunnel capturing the plantar tendons.

Once inserted, temporary fixation and correction are achieved by holding manual tension over the tendon and bone. While maintaining this tension, the dorsal sleeve of the implant is mated to the plantar tack by threading the two components together capturing the tendon plantarly completing the correction.

Paragon said the launch of the sterile kit configuration eliminates the need for pre-operative sterilization and has simplified the back table for surgical technicians and surgeons. 

All components of the system are now delivered in one neatly organized kit which a rep can walk into the OR and provide at a moment’s notice. The sterile launch is expected to greatly expand accessibility to this elegant solution allowing clinicians and health care networks the most efficient and safe access to the TenoTac System, Paragon said.