PanTheryx invests in colostrum potential with two major acquisitions

Thursday February 16, 2017 0 comments Tags: Boulder, PanTheryx, colostrum, Mark A. Braman, DiaResQ

BOULDER -- Aiming to maximize the potential of bovine colostrum to benefit global health, PanTheryx announced two major acquisitions that make it the world’s premiere manufacturer of nutrient rich colostrum.Pantheryx_logoUSE

In separate purchases, PanTheryx said it has acquired the two leading producers of colostrum and related nutritional products, APS BioGroup of Phoenix, and La Belle Associates of Bellingham, WA.

In March of 2016, PanTheryx announced it entered into a $53 million financing with Pegasus Capital Advisors. The acquisitions were funded through a follow-on investment in PanTheryx by Pegasus Capital Advisors.

Terms of the acquisitions were not released.

Colostrum is the pre-milk substance produced by all mammals and is the first passive immunity that any newborn receives.

Bovine colostrum is a key ingredient in DiaResQ, a product manufactured and marketed by PanTheryx.

DiaResQ provides important nutrients beneficial for people with diarrhea in order to rapidly restore normal digestive function. DiaResQ is helping to address the major global health concern of infectious diarrhea, which is a leading cause of death worldwide among children under the age of five.

Colostrum is also an ingredient in a variety of animal and human health, wellness and nutritional products, and there is growing evidence to support its use as a component in microbiome-based therapeutics and medical foods which will lead to new applications and products.

“Colostrum has the ability to dramatically transform health and wellness globally, but its full potential has yet to be realized,” said Mark A. Braman, PanTheryx president and CEO.

“As a science-driven company, PanTheryx has the resources and capabilities to aggressively advance research to support expanded commercial opportunities.

“We plan to invest heavily to unlock the full potential of colostrum.”

Independent of future discoveries, PanTheryx said the intelligence firm Future Market Insights expects colostrum market revenue to rise to nearly $2 billion by 2026. To meet this increasing demand, PanTheryx is expanding manufacturing capacity at its Phoenix facility.

“As the only colostrum manufacturer with multiple production facilities, the infrastructure of the combined companies gives us the ability to ensure the supply of high quality, responsibly sourced colostrum to support the long-term requirements of current and future customers of APS and La Belle, as well as PanTheryx’s needs,” said Braman.

“As a company, we are firmly committed to realizing the full potential of colostrum. By acquiring APS and La Belle, we have created the premier colostrum company capable of servicing the market and all of its needs.”