PROOF launches world’s first on-demand process service platform for legal professionals

Friday May 18, 2018 Tags: Denver, Process Server Technology, PROOF, Eric Voogt

DENVER -- Process Server Technology, LLC announced the launch of PROOF, a web-based dashboard and mobile app that instantly connects law firms with independent process servers.

PROOF’s platform provides expedited service of process delivery for law firms and pro se plaintiffs through a web-based dashboard and smartphone app, the company said.proof-logo

PROOF is the brainchild of co-founder and attorney Eric Voogt. As a partner at a successful law practice and an early adopter of technology, for many years he thought about how service-of-process could be streamlined.

Voogt knew there had to be a way to connect with trained process servers without going through an intermediary, in the same way he could promptly request a pickup from an Uber driver.

Together with 303 Software, a leading software development company, PROOF was born.

“We are excited to be the world's first on-demand service-of-process platform with real-time tracking,” Voogt said.

“Our vision is to revolutionize the process service industry using this cutting-edge technology for law firms, legal assistants and paralegals.”

Among PROOF’s many innovative features are electronic time and date-stamped verification that a “serve” was completed successfully, email notification upon each serve attempt, direct contact with a server throughout the process, and a notarized affidavit from the server.

In addition, delivery can be tracked in real-time from a desktop computer to know exactly when and where service was completed. There are no up-front costs, and the first serve for law firms is free. 

Also, paralegals and others using process servers through PROOF will be able to rate the service and provide feedback, the company said.

Clients using the service are able to upload documents, including case information and a description of the person being served, into a web-based dashboard (there is no software to install) and instantly connect to an experienced process server. 

Process servers can then accept serve assignments through the app and pick up documents at any FedEx Office in the US. Serves are tracked in real time using geo-location technology, and the server’s affidavit is populated with data from each attempt.

Servers participating on the platform will use the PROOF app to easily locate and secure jobs. They will be pre-screened by PROOF to ensure they meet minimum requirements, which include a background and driving record check, and will also be required to complete a mandatory training session.

Once they begin working with the PROOF app, process servers will be able to select jobs based on proximity and request printing of document to be served from the closest FedEx at no cost to the server. 

Proof has also brought innovation to the current pay structure of the service of process industry by offering its servers a base pay and then the opportunity to earn a large bounty or bonus paid upon successful delivery of the legal documents.

PROOF has already developed client relationships with several law firms up and down the Front Range of Colorado. PROOF has also onboarded a large pool of experienced servers. 

Following the company’s successful Colorado launch, PROOF is planning launches in other Western U.S. markets in coming months.