Optiv Security names Stu Solomon chief technology and strategy officer

Wednesday January 10, 2018 0 comments Tags: Denver, Optiv Security, Stu Solomon, Dan Burns

DENVER -- Optiv Security, a provider of end-to-end cyber security solutions, today announced it named Stu Solomon as chief technology and strategy officer (CTSO).Optiv_logoUSE

In this newly created role, Solomon will be responsible for aligning and evolving Optiv’s partner strategies and related product and service offerings to address one of the most important security issues facing enterprises today: the architectural and operational complexity of their cyber security programs.

“There is an enormous need among enterprises to transform their security architectures and operations from today’s reactive, unwieldy and product-centric model to one that is integrated, optimized, planned, predictable and measurable,” said Dan Burns, Optiv CEO.

“Stu will drive Optiv’s strategy for meeting this market need with a new generation of comprehensive services that enable clients to radically strengthen and simplify their security programs.”

In conjunction with his new role, Solomon will oversee Optiv’s newly created CTSO business unit, which will encompass the company’s three core business areas: partners, services, and portfolio and product management.

The new structure will streamline the process of identifying client needs and delivering integrated services and solutions that speed the process of evolving client security organizations to their desired state of effectiveness, the company said.

Solomon has served in executive positions with Optiv since joining the company in 2015, first as a security strategist and then as executive VP of security solutions and operations.

He brings a unique perspective to his role, having previously served as a cyber security practitioner, strategist and leader in the military, financial sector, consulting and the security product industry.

In these roles, Solomon focused on building tools and programs to effectively meet the challenges of emerging threats. He also holds a law degree, which gives him insight into the issues surrounding legal and regulatory risk, the company said.

“Security remains a confounding discipline in many enterprises,” said Solomon. “As a result, security executives often are left out of business strategy and planning, making it incredibly difficult for them to be proactive in securing ongoing business operations.

“The new CTSO unit will ensure that Optiv provides the strategic, technology, product and operational expertise required to enable and mature security operations so they are managed, budgeted and evaluated in a way that is consistent with other business units.

“Doing this will be a major step forward in enterprise security as it will enable security executives to take a more prominent role in business strategy and operations, and enable enterprises to accurately align security investment with risk profile.”