Optiv Security earns Frost & Sullivan innovation and leadership award

Thursday March 29, 2018 0 comments Tags: Denver, Optiv Security, Frost & Sullivan , Michael Suby, Peter Evans

DENVER -- Optiv Security, a leading security solutions integrator, announced it has earned Frost & Sullivan’s 2018 Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award in the North American managed and professional security services market.Optiv_logoUSE

In a recently published research report about Optiv’s award, Frost & Sullivan states: “As companies are faced with choice on who to partner with in their cyber security journeys, they are justified in asking the variety of providers knocking on their doors, ‘what is your cyber security pedigree, are you committed to cyber security and do your past and planned investments reflect unwavering commitment?’

“Optiv has the proof points to stamp those questions with an unequivocal affirmative.”

“The practice of cyber security is challenging and no company is immune from these challenges,” said Michael Suby, Stratecast VP of research at Frost & Sullivan.

“As more security technologies are added, the administrative complexity grows, leading to sub optimized cyber security practices, and protection gaps for attackers to exploit. In addition, as the cost of in-house cyber security continues to rise, personnel churn undermines the ongoing quest to establish, adapt, and maintain best practice operations.

“And finally, a distributed and dynamic attack surface is placing organizations at greater risk unless their cyber security practices can expand and adapt in equal measure. A trusted partner has become essential, and Optiv’s experience, capabilities and singular focus on cyber security have enabled the company to fill this crucial role.”

“Historically, organizations have taken an ‘outside-in’ approach to cyber security that focuses first on identifying specific threats and then reacting with procurement,” said Peter Evans, Optiv’s CMO.

“The result has been less than optimal for many enterprises, creating wildly expensive and complex security technology infrastructures that are impossible to manage, measure and maintain.

“Optiv’s ‘inside-out’ approach starts with an organization’s unique business priorities and needs first -- building out from there with cyber security strategy, infrastructure, rationalization, operations optimization and ongoing measurement -- rather than continuing to run on a never-ending treadmill, a continuous “reaction” approach to every new threat and compliance mandate as it emerges or evolves.

“We are proud to receive this award from Frost & Sullivan, and believe it underscores our philosophy that everything we do – from our product portfolio and advisory services, to our customer service and partner relationships -- brings clarity to the current state of cyber security chaos.”