Optibrand announces license agreement with Volk Optical for RetCheck

Wednesday January 27, 2016 0 comments Tags: Fort Collins, Optibrand, Joe Ritter, Volk Optical, RetCheck


FORT COLLINS -- Optibrand Ltd. LLC  announced the signing of a global licensing agreement regarding the use of Optibrand''s patented RetCheck™ Technology software with Volk Optical, Inc.Optibrand_logoUSE!

The RetCheck software is a key component of Volk''s iPhone-based retinal imaging camera sold under the trade name iNview, which was launched at the recently concluded American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) meeting in Las Vegas.

Optibrand is a Fort Collins-based retinal imaging software development company that focuses the majority of its resources on development of innovative software solutions for the optical diagnostic market. 

Volk Optical, Inc., based in Mentor, Ohio, distributes its products in over 100 countries and is a global leader in the handheld retinal imaging lens market.

"With the introduction of more powerful smartphones, our RetCheck software has enabled Optibrand to create an easy to use, low cost retinal imaging option for eye care professionals around the world,” said Joe Ritter, Optibrand CEO. “Volk''s global presence makes them an ideal partner to commercialize our unique automatic retinal capture technology."

The availability and capabilities of more powerful smartphones has allowed for a myriad of medical diagnostic applications to be added to the phones, Optibrand said, allowing for more widespread and more economical ways to deliver healthcare around the world. Using these phones to image retinas of people as part of a complete eye examination fulfills a much needed service.

As part of the eye examination, a video of the retina is conducted with Optibrand''s software automatically extracting in real-time from the video stream the best retinal images it detects that can then be used for diagnostic evaluation. The extracted images can then be viewed immediately, stored in the patient record or transmitted via the Internet to another location for evaluation.

In addition to Volk, Optibrand said it is investigating opportunities with other interested parties. "There are lots of companies out there that are trying to utilize the smartphone as a way to image retinas – our software enhances that process and makes it very easy to accomplish," said Ritter.

Optibrand said it believes an additional opportunity exists with its RetCheck software to be used with a device for screening newborn and infant children for the presence of retinal abnormalities.

Children are sometimes born with retinal abnormalities and the sooner these abnormalities are detected the better the chance of a successful treatment outcome without irreversible change to vision. Newborn retinal screening is not routinely done because it is too difficult to capture good images from this non-command responsive-aged patient. The auto-capture feature of the software overcomes this hurdle, Optibrand said.

For more information about Optibrand and RetCheck, visit www.optibrand.com.