OEDIT approves $2M in grants to four programs

Wednesday June 27, 2018 0 comments Tags: Denver, Colorado OEDIT, Innosphere, Denver South Economic Development Partnership, Catalyst Campus, Vartega Carbon Fiber Recycling

DENVER -- The Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) announced four new infrastructure grantees for the Advanced Industry Accelerator Grant Program.OEDIT_logoUSE

A total of $2,000,000 of Collaborative Infrastructure Grants was approved for award by Colorado’s Economic Development Commission.  

Advanced Industry Infrastructure Funding Grants provide state funding to collaborative projects that will have a broad, industry-wide impact across one or more of Colorado’s Advanced Industries.

Eligible projects must demonstrate solutions that provide workforce training, deliver shared working space or equipment, or advance industry mentorship for Colorado companies.

Those receiving grants in this cycle are:

  • $500,000 to Denver South Economic Development Partnership (Englewood) -- This project enables the creation of the Colorado Smart Cities Open Lab to serve as a local hub for the deployment, testing, and co-development of emerging smart cities and IoT technologies. The lab will include experimentation and demonstration space and shared IT infrastructure.
  • $700,000 to Catalyst Campus (Colorado Springs) -- This Advanced Industry Collaborative Infrastructure grant request supports the build out and development of a state-wide repository of data collected from various space programs that include: the Space Operations Cybersecurity Center, TAP Lab, CU Boulder Earth Lab Analytics Hub. Data will be collected, stored, shared, and analyzed by industry, academia, and government.
  • $300,000 to Rocky Mountain Innosphere (Fort Collins) -- This project contributes to the construction of 7,800 square feet of additional leasable lab space to support the growing bioscience cluster in Northern Colorado. The project is a collaborative effort with Colorado State University, the City of Fort Collins, and UCHealth North to provide the needed space to serve six to eight new client companies.
  • $500,000 to Vartega Carbon Fiber Recycling (Golden) -- The proposed Accelerator Project creates three innovation centers in Colorado focused on the development and application of fiber reinforced thermoplastics and additive manufacturing materials. The centers will house equipment critical to the maturation of new additive manufacturing technologies and materials, as well as programs that train and educate new generations of professionals, students and technicians. 

Advanced Industry Collaborative Infrastructure Funding Grant applications are reviewed by committees comprised of business, technical and financial experts, as well as an industry-specific review. Final recommendations are reviewed and determined with approval from the Colorado Economic Development Commission.

The Advanced Industry Accelerator Programs (AIA) were created in 2013 to promote growth and sustainability in Colorado’s advanced industries by driving innovation, accelerating commercialization, encouraging public-private partnerships, increasing access to early stage capital and creating a strong infrastructure that increases the state’s capacity to be globally competitive.

AIA encompasses three distinct grant programs: Proof of Concept, Early Stage Capital and Retention, and Commercialization Infrastructure.