Numerica joins Space Force Association to advance U.S. space superiority mission

Thursday March 25, 2021 Tags: Fort Collins, Numerica Corporation, Space Force Association, Todd Brost, Bill Woolf

FORT COLLINS -- With a shared vision related to United States dominance in space, a strong national defense and unwavering support for the men and women in the United States Space Force, Numerica Corporation announced it has joined the Space Force Association (SFA) as an official corporate member to help advance the Space Superiority mission.numerica-logo 

“Space systems are critical to our nation’s economy and strength,” said Todd Brost, Numerica’s director of special programs. “We are proud to be a part of the Space Force Association’s advocacy to ensure the U.S. always has access to those capabilities.”

Numerica’s Space Domain Awareness team (SDA) is committed to the detection, tracking, identification and characterization of all Earth-orbiting objects and the prediction of events, threats and activities in space. 

As a new partner of SFA, Numerica will help synchronize military, industry, academic and civil efforts to ensure appropriate use of critical resources to support the United States Space Force’s Space Superiority mission.

“Space situational awareness is one of the key missions of the Space Force,” said Bill Woolf, SFA’s president and founder.

“Numerica provides some of the best technology to gain and maintain situational awareness for the space domain. This capability enhances the space warfighters’ ability to achieve mission success. 

“We are grateful to have an innovative company like Numerica on the team.”