NewfoodZ launches Indiegogo campaign to reduce food waste

Thursday July 14, 2016 0 comments Tags: Littleton, NewfoodZ, Christian Murray, Eric Lundgren

LITTLETON -- NewfoodZ, an innovative eco-sustainability company, announced it launched a $1.5 million, 45-day Indiegogo campaign to reduce industrial food waste by turning it into powdered food supplements.NewfoodZ_logoUSE

It is the largest food industry crowdfunding campaign goal in history, the company said.

In return for supporting the Indiegogo campaign, funders will receive NewfoodZ Orange Peel Powder. This nutritious powder, made from orange peels originally discarded during juice production, can be sprinkled on salads, blended into smoothies, baked into recipes, and has countless other uses.

"We hope the public will recognize that by supporting us they'll receive a great reward in our Orange Peel Powder,” said Christian Murray, NewfoodZ co-founder.

“They also impact the whole world by helping bring our concept to the food industry and reduce food waste on a global scale."

The company said it has brought together five distinctive technologies to efficiently and naturally preserve, dehydrate and mill almost any raw food.

"This provides a solution for the shocking amount of raw food that is thrown away before food reaches stores," said Eric Lundgren, co-founder.

The science behind NewfoodZ is its innovative, low-energy, chemical-free preservation and dehydration process, the company said. One of the side benefits of the process is that it produces potable water, which can be bottled or fed back into the production process.

In addition, the final product does not require refrigerated transportation and has an incredibly long shelf life. The company also uses ionization technology to clean the air during production. The entire NewfoodZ production stream is low energy and easy to integrate within existing operators' facilities.

NewfoodZ said it is working to place its technology in the hands of existing agriculture and aquaculture food operators, and has had a first success with a pilot citrus peel plant in Mexico.

NewfoodZ's $1.5 million Indiegogo campaign goal will fund its next stage of development in Alaska, where it will work with local Native American tribes and salmon processers to turn discarded salmon components into protein powder.

Upcoming foods in the lineup include apples, sweet potatoes and carrots.

The company said the flexible funding structure of the campaign, and the fact that it is also seeking private investment, mean that even if the goal is not met, NewfoodZ will continue to move forward with its groundbreaking work.