Cherwell Software releases crisis management and remote work apps to aid biz during COVID-19 outbreak

Tuesday March 31, 2020 0 comments Tags: Colorado Springs, Cherwell Software, Steve Rodda, COVID-19

COLORADO SPRINGS -- Cherwell Software, LLC, a global leader in service management, announced two new Cherwell applications dedicated to helping customers automate operations for remote employee management, and automating crisis management communications.Cherwell_logoUSE 

In an emergency, it is essential to ensure that the employee transition to working at home is as smooth and efficient as possible.

Cherwell said its Remote Employee Management app helps remove obstacles to productivity by providing:

  • Simple and intuitive processes for employees to initiate work from home directly from the self-service portal they are accustomed to using
  • Clear, concise ways to communicate best practices, policies, and how-to guides needed to promote efficiency in an unfamiliar work mode
  • A streamlined equipment and application request process, along with automated tracking and reporting, so businesses can more efficiently manage remote processes and restore normal operations when the time comes
  • A simple and fast way to broadcast updated knowledge and announcements that will help reduce service request and incident volume.

Transitioning employees to remote work is one part of the solution. During a crisis, employees also need to feel connected and engaged. Working with human resources managers, companies can leverage technology to efficiently track the welfare, safety, and status of their workforce.

Cherwell Crisis Management app supports the process by providing:

  • A simple way for employees to check in and self-report their status and location, right from the IT self-service portal
  • Automated processes that filter employee self-reporting results by employee status, response, or lack of response, which may suggest a need to reach out to the employee
  • A management dashboard with at-a-glance or deep-dive visibility into the welfare of the workforce, overall and by individual
  • Easy ways to notify employees of policy updates and safety procedures, send requests for employees to check-in, and respond quickly to employee concerns.

“We understand these are difficult times for companies grappling with the COVID-19 crisis around the world, and many companies are looking for new ways to keep employees and companies productive,” said Steve Rodda, chief operating officer of Cherwell.

“We are making technology work for our customers and partners to provide the resources they need to make work flow for their business operations and to enable employees to do their jobs in new and challenging work environments.”

“Quickly engaging the right people to respond to a critical event is often very difficult for larger companies, where the employees can be separated by location, geography, time zone, and language, and sometimes they’re simply not physically available,” said Vincent Geffray, senior director of product marketing for Everbridge.

“Confinements due to COVID-19 has now made this challenge exponentially harder because for almost every company, the workforce is remote. Our research indicates that the average time to assemble a response teams is between 45‒60 minutes under normal conditions.

“An ITSM platform must be able to dramatically reduce that time period to streamline the incident response, accelerate resolution and therefore minimize the impact on business operations.”