New Dreampad pillow created By Integrated Listening Systems

Monday March 25, 2019 0 comments Tags: Aurora, Dreampad, Integrated Listening Systems

AURORA -- From the creators of the original Dreampad  Pillow comes a new, highly portable version that makes restful sleep on-the-go attainable for the whole family.dreampad-logo

The new Dreampad is a slim standalone pad that can be slipped into the pillowcase of any size pillow and used at home, in hotels, in cars, and more.

The pad uses bone conduction technology to soundlessly transmit music straight to the inner ear. While users listen to their playlist, they are simultaneously triggering the body’s natural relaxation response to help de-stress, fall asleep, and stay asleep longer.

Highlights of the new Dreampad include: 

  • Wireless -- It now smoothly connects to devices through an included Bluetooth receiver.
  • Slim Design -- The new pad is only 1” thick with a malleable core, making it sleek enough to fit in a carry-on and easily used with any style pillow.
  • Updated App -- Enjoy new music selections developed by Dreampad and a Spotify playlist.
  • Family Friendly -- Originally developed to assist children on the spectrum, the Dreampad can be used by kids, parents, grandparents, and guests.
  • Research-Backed -- Due to its clinical origin, the Dreampad has been thoroughly researched. Studies conducted by Columbia University, SleepScore Labs, and STAR Institute all suggest the Dreampad technology helps users fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.
  • Made in America -- The new Dreampad is crafted in Colorado.Integrated_Listening_Systems_logo

The new Dreampad is currently in the funding process through Kickstarter. Once it reaches its funding goal of $30,000, orders will ship by the middle of May 2019, the company said.

Integrated Listening Systems (iLs) specializes in sound and movement therapies for improving brain function. Dreampad was launched in 2012 as a therapeutic tool for children on the spectrum. Since then, research by Columbia University and others has confirmed its effectiveness, and it is now used by people of all ages to help get a better night's sleep.