Nascate launches platform that integrates clinical and behavior data to improve health management

Tuesday February 19, 2019 Tags: Denver, Nascate, James Lawson

DENVER -- Based on a growing recognition that behavior -- and not just clinical factors -- critically affect health, Nascate announced the launch of an online platform that provides key information on people's behavior outside the healthcare environment and how that behavior may affect health, utilization and costs.nascate-logo

Nascate said its members will be able to integrate this behavioral data with clinical data to gain a comprehensive understanding of individual patients as well as patient populations, and their unique health risks.

"The medical community has embraced the importance of behavior and lifestyle in health and healthcare and has even begun collecting relevant data," said James Lawson, Nascate’s EVP of business development and marketing.

"The majority of the data aren't useful, though, because they're not being processed, interpreted, and acted upon. Our goal is to prevent disease and unnecessarily healthcare spending by mobilizing behavioral data to make clearer how health psychology and behavior affect different layers of healthcare decision making."

Nascate said its Aware Application uses machine learning to identify those who are likely to use the healthcare system at high rates and to determine what sets of behaviors drive that utilization.

By providing information on what interferes with health-promoting behaviors, Nascate said it hopes healthcare stakeholders will be able to intervene in meaningful ways to support better health decision-making.

"Relationships are critical to the way we view and interact with our own health," said Lawson. "Part of our mission is to delve deeply into those relationships to understand social components of health and how we can use those influential factors to prevent disease and disease progression, as well as excessive healthcare utilization and costs."

In addition to supporting health management decisions, Nascate said its data will also help members to improve and strengthen their networks by providing relationship and market insights.