NanoSphere Health Sciences awarded Frost & Sullivan Innovation Award

Thursday May 24, 2018 0 comments Tags: Denver, NanoSphere Health Sciences, Robert Sutton, Marta Piotrowska, Frost & Sullivan

DENVER -- NanoSphere Health Sciences INC (CSE: NSHS) (OTC: NSHSF) has been awarded the 2018 Technology Innovation Award by Frost & Sullivan as part of the annual Best Practices Awards for North America.nanosphere-health-logo

The awards recognize excellence across a number of fields and are the result of independent research conducted by Frost & Sullivan, which specializes in business growth partnerships.

The Technology Innovation category of 2018 was awarded based on criteria including technology attributes, future business value, application diversity, customer acquisition and beyond.

Previous winners of this Technology Innovation Award include key pharmaceutical players such as Nemaura Medical, Boehringer Ingelheim, 3M and Acino.

Independent research concluded that NanoSphere Health Sciences has achieved truly superior delivery of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and nutraceutical agents and that it outperforms competing solutions by providing significant biocompatibility, safety, efficacy and versatility.

It was recognized that NanoSphere Health Sciences has effectively solved a complex problem in drug delivery with its unique ability to control the efficacy of drug formulations once inside the body.

The NanoSphere Delivery System™ is a smart lipid nanoparticle delivery platform. Patented 'NanoSpheres', or lipid nanoparticles, nano-encapsulate biological agents into a protective, phospholipid membrane. The encapsulated ingredients are rapidly delivered through the skin or mucosa to targeted sites with increased bioavailability, bioactivity and therapeutic potential.

NanoSphere Health Sciences recently received the patent for this technology, giving it ownership over the biggest development in non-invasive medical delivery in more than 25 years.

NanoSphere Health Sciences has developed products that successfully leverage the next-generation NanoSphere Delivery System in the cannabis industry. The company's revolutionary Transdermal NanoSerum™, a serum delivering cannabinoids through the skin, is ideal for localized pain and inflammation, as well as providing systemic therapy and relief from anxiety.

The nano-encapsulation technology significantly increases the bioavailability of cannabis when compared to NanoSphere's competitors. NanoSerum is already commercially available in Colorado under the company's brand name Evolve Formulas and will soon launch in California, Arizona and Nevada.

"The recognition of our NanoSphere Delivery System as a breakthrough innovation is a direct reflection of our team's dedication to finding inventive solutions for improving the effectiveness and precision of how medical benefits are delivered," said Robert Sutton, CEO of Nanosphere Health Sciences and Evolve Formulas.

"Receiving this prestigious honor represents the culmination of many years of careful research, development and formulation."

"NanoSphere Health Sciences stood out from its competitors in the 2018 Technology Innovation category. Each year, we look for disruptive technology that solves the most complex problems in the scientific world," said Marta Piotrowska, Frost & Sullivan senior research analyst, who provided the independent analysis that led to this award.

"Looking ahead, the application potential for this revolutionary NanoSphere Delivery System is limitless, stretching from big pharma to the personal care and beauty markets.

“For its strong overall performance that addresses major challenges and opens opportunities within the nano-encapsulation market, NanoSphere Health is recognized with Frost & Sullivan's 2018 Technology Innovation Award."