NREL to lead Connected Traveler project to encourage city energy-efficient travel

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GOLDEN -- The U.S. Energy Department’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) will serve as lead organization in developing a tool that travelers and transportation officials can use in helping guide people through a city in the most energy-efficient way possible.NREL_logoUSE_(2)_1

“Using real-time traffic and GPS data, along with simulations that take into account demographic information and trips via ride-sharing programs, the Connected Traveler project will move beyond existing transportation studies that look at only roads and drivers,” said Alex Schroeder, NREL’s transportation technology deployment manager.

“The effort will examine traffic in a major metropolitan area with multi-modal transportation and the necessary real-time and historic data the project requires.

“The idea behind the project is that travelers may be willing and able to adjust how they get somewhere if they have current data and are incentivized to act on that information in a way that also delivers energy savings.”

Real-time information delivered via a smartphone would give a traveler options such as changing departure time or route, taking mass transit, carpooling and even considering an alternate destination.

NREL said it will work with several university and industry partners in the Connected Traveler project. The federal Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy is funding about $1.6 million of the project, expected to begin in October.


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