DOE's NREL marks 40th anniversary in July

Wednesday June 28, 2017 Tags: Golden, NREL, Martin Keller, DOE

GOLDEN -- July marks the 40th anniversary of the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Golden.NREL_logoUSE

Working with partners in industry and academia, NREL said it delivers the scientific building blocks for new energy technologies that drive economic growth. NREL said its world-class researchers, facilities, tools and analysis yield innovations that create new business opportunities and greatly reduce the risk of investment for energy companies and manufacturers.

NREL said it is the only national laboratory that regularly links research and development (R&D) with real-world applications.

"We continually look forward," said Martin Keller, who joined the Colorado laboratory as its ninth director in November 2015.

"Our leading-edge research is informed by world-class analysis that reveals gaps in technology and market needs. This innovative approach delivers value to American industries and creates economic opportunity for the nation in the form of energy security and prosperity."

For 40 years, NREL has expanded American prosperity and security through world-class research. The laboratory's work stimulates the U.S. economy, inspires ingenuity and preserves the nation's energy security.

"Innovation leads to job creation and economic growth," said Keller. "We are increasing our attention on science that has market-relevant potential. We are expanding our pursuit of new techniques in advanced manufacturing and advanced materials.

“And, we are focusing our energy systems integration efforts to design advanced meters, inverters, sensors and controls for a future grid that is agile and responsive.

"We at NREL, along with our partners in industry and academia, intend to keep pushing forward to produce innovative ideas that will help meet the country's energy needs,” Keller said.