Moxie Exchange launches workplace inclusion app

Wednesday October 9, 2019 0 comments Tags: Fort Collins, The Moxie Exchange, Everyday Inclusion App, Maureen Berkner Boyt

FORT COLLINS -- There are some things in life that everyone wants: health, happiness and the feeling of being included.Moxie-Exchange-logo 

Inclusion is more than just a popular buzzword in the HR industry -- it is a business gap that once filled is proven to drive reputation, retention and revenues.

Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace is a challenge, but Moxie Exchange is offering to help with the first-of-its-kind Everyday Inclusion App just launched at the HR Tech Conference in Las Vegas.

The app is a tool for employees and employers alike, the company said, giving employees a safe place to get their diversity and inclusion questions answered and providing the resources they need in real-time. 

Scalable and measurable, the app fulfils an HR department need by leveraging tech addiction for good. Disrupting traditional training models, the app moves away from one-and-done training to making inclusion a daily habit, Moxie said.

“We know that real inclusion and belonging happens in the day-to-day interaction people have at work,” said Maureen Berkner Boyt, head Moxie.

“If people continue to look to HR to ‘fix’ the issue, nothing is going to change. And what’s supposed to happen after training is done, or when someone from HR isn’t in the room to answer a tough question about a diversity issue?

“We built this app to give every single person the tools and inclusion resources they need, right when they need them. You can search by keywords, get a daily inclusion tip, educate yourself - in real time, confidentially, right from your phone.

“The app gives people the knowledge and tools to be inclusive, every day.”

Working with Ground Floor Companies DISH Network, a Fortune 500 company, and Vungle, an innovative San Francisco technology company, Moxie Exchange said it is empowering employees across the U.S.

“Like many companies, we’re evolving and growing in our ability to tap into all of the unique backgrounds, experiences and talents that our employees offer,” said Dave Scott, DISH Network executive VP and chief human resources officer.

“We’re excited to be one of the first companies to partner with Moxie Exchange on the Everyday Inclusion app. We want DISH team members to have all of the resources and tools they need to be inclusive, so this app was a natural fit.”

“At Vungle, we've built processes to better open up our candidate pool and remove bias from our hiring and our promotion process,” said Steph Douglass, Vungle VP of people.

“We have over 30 nationalities in our company and we are proud of this. This diversity makes our teams stronger and smarter. But just as importantly, we need to make sure that we have an environment that is inclusive, that welcomes people who have the skills and values to do the work and also come from a variety of backgrounds.

“Adding the Everyday Inclusion App as a daily tool for our teams is one more way we can open up the conversation even more around diversity and what it means to be an inclusive environment.” 

Everyday Inclusion provides real-time data that allows employers to scale best practices and create an inclusive, thriving workplace, Moxie said. The app takes the company’s pulse by using key inclusion metrics gathered through a series of daily inclusions, insights, exercises and quizzes that are then delivered in a dashboard to administrators.

For employees, the app boosts belonging by providing education, inspiration and tangible actions, including what to say when, identifying unconscious bias, a dictionary and language guide and calendar, inclusion interviews and more.

Moxie Exchange said its mission is to disrupt unconscious bias and create an inclusive workplace where talent can thrive.