Metro Screenworks: Allergy Guard air filtration screen could filter COVID

Monday April 20, 2020 0 comments Tags: Englewood, Metro Screenworks, Allergy Guard, COVID-19

ENGLEWOOD -- Metro Screenworks Inc. announced the addition of Allergy Guard, a virus-filtering screen, to their product line-up.Metro-Screen-logo 

This screening product created by BMT utilizes the same proprietary nano-fiber technology used in N95 masks and can easily filter the coronavirus.

The screening material is offered by the online window screen company in both bulk roll options and in complete window screens ready-to-be installed.

Allergy Guard developed by BMT and retailed by Metro Screenworks Inc. was originally marketed as a solution to allergies, allowing homeowners to experience the benefits of fresh air without the effects of allergens.

Allergy Guard also offers protection against COVID-19, the company said.  

Allergy Guard can filter particles as small as 0.02 microns, which makes blocking the coronavirus measuring 0.1-0.3 microns easy -- the virus will be caught within the screen material before it can pass through into a home.

The CDC mentions opening windows and fresh air as vital to good health and a way to combat COVID-19. Additionally, the Allergy Guard screening material can filter larger particles such as pollen, bacteria, fly ash, dust, dirt, pollutants, and other harmful substances.

This means consumers have the ability to open their windows with peace of mind and without the discomforts and harm experienced as a result of allergens, viruses, and other harmful substances.

Allergy Guard also offers other benefits in addition to air filtration and COVID-19 protection. As a result of the screen's three-layer construction, it also provides excellent circulation (80% porosity), incredible visibility, UV and heat protection, durability, corrosion resistance, moisture and rain protection, and the screens are easy-to-clean.

Allergy Guard can be installed anywhere a screen is needed, including in window screens, screen doors, screened-in porches, and other enclosures.

The material could be used for creating more masks as well as acting as barriers in medical facilities, screen curtains in workspaces, enhancements to HVAC systems, and more.

As an effective vaccine for COVID-19 has yet to be found, containing the spread of the virus is the primary means of thwarting the effects of the virus on our communities, Metro Screenworks said.