Meritech collaborates with Eagle Protect to provide gloving resource center

Wednesday July 1, 2020 0 comments Tags: Golden, Meritech, Eagle Protect, Gloving Resource Center, Paul Barnhill

GOLDEN -- Meritech announced it is taking proactive steps to protect the health and safety of the general public by providing a Gloving Resource Center with content created in partnership with California-based Eagle Protect.

The Gloving Resource Center contains a library of educational content including an eBook, various blog posts, and a podcast.meritech-logo 

With the increased focus on hand hygiene, more and more individuals are gloving to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, but without proper training or education, this gloving step can actually spread pathogens.

While gloving has been commonplace in food processing and manufacturing, many industries are now gloving, including the foodservice industry and the general public.

This development makes it crucial to educate on the basics of proper gloving like how to choosse your glove, when you should change, how to don and doff and the importance of clean hands before putting on gloves.

"By doing a proper hand hygiene event, we're able to naturally lower both the resident and transient floras on the hand, keeping the hands clean and doing that process before donning gloves is incredibly important,” said Meritech Chief Technology Officer Paul Barnhill.

A lesser-known issue is that surrounding manufacturing.

It's important to understand the appropriate considerations when selecting a glove supplier to ensure you are using a high-quality glove. Additionally, different gloves are designed to serve different purposes, and the makeup of the glove should be taken into account to ensure the correct product has been selected for the process at hand.

"It's a technical tool of trade,” said Eagle Protect founder Steve Ardagh.

“If you ask someone who works at a meat processing plant who wears a glove for eight hours a day, they'll tell the difference between a good and bad glove instantly."

In the eBook readers will find a range of information from glove selection, disposal, hand hygiene tips, and how to develop a culture where proper gloving is a focus. There are also blog posts expanding on the topics covered inside the eBook for a more in-depth look into gloving best practices.