Manufacturer’s Edge CEO Tom Bugnitz receives Cosmic Contributor award

Friday December 15, 2017 0 comments Tags: Denver, Manufacturer's Edge, Tom Bugnitz, Colorado Space Business Roundtable, Christie Lee, Jay Lindell

DENVER -- Manufacturer’s Edge (ME) CEO Tom Bugnitz has been recognized as the 2017 Cosmic Contributor of the Year at the Colorado Space Roundup.

Bugnitz’s award marks the 5th time the Colorado Space Business Roundtable (CSBR) has awarded an outstanding member or organization from the community for their commitment and contribution to aerospace in Colorado and beyond.csbr-logo

Previous recipients include Christie Lee from Lockheed Martin, Oakman Aerospace, and Major General Ret. Jay Lindell.

According to CSBR, the purpose of the Cosmic Contributor award is to acknowledge an organization or individual who embodies the CSBR vision for the community.

This vision includes promoting the growth of aerospace and space-related industry in Colorado.

The inscription on the award states, “In recognition of your personal and professional drive to advance aerospace and manufacturing in Colorado, the nation, world, and across the Cosmos! You have been one of CSBR’s longest and most enthusiastic partners and supporters through participation and sponsorship of events and be being an Ambassador of Aerospace to students, businesses, elected officials, and the community at large.”

In his acceptance speech, Bugnitz acknowledged the many people who have supported him in his endeavors.

“It is humbling to receive this award from the Colorado aerospace community,” he said. “As with most efforts, anything we accomplish requires a team and I consider this a tribute to the Manufacturer’s Edge team who day in and day out support Colorado manufacturing and the aerospace community overall.

“Great thanks from all of us to the Colorado Space Business Roundtable for honoring us with this award.”

Colorado is a leader in aerospace and currently ranks 1st in the nation for private aerospace employment per capita. Colorado also added 1,000 new aerospace jobs in 2017.