Aleph's LulzBot TAZ 5 rated best overall 3D printer by Make Magazine

Monday November 23, 2015 0 comments Tags: Loveland, Aleph Objects, LulzBot TAZ 5, Harris Kenny, Mike Senese, Make: magazine


LOVELAND  --  Make: Magazine, leader of the Maker Movement and producer of the popular Maker Faire events, rated LulzBot’s TAZ 5 the “Best Overall” 3D printer among the machines it tested. Aleph_Objects_logoUSE

The magazine also rated the TAZ 5 “Outstanding Open Source” in its 3D printer ratings. 

“The LulzBot TAZ 5 is a workhorse desktop 3D printer that respects user freedom and is the choice of makers around the world,” said Harris Kenny, VP of marketing at Aleph Objects Inc

“We are proud to see the LulzBot TAZ 5 thrive in Make: Magazine’s respected, rigorous and independent evaluation.” 

A team of recognized experts in the digital fabrication field put the 3D printers through a battery of rigorous tests to create side-by-side comparisons to identify the top performers. 

The magazine’s Buyers Guide will be available on newsstands by Nov. 26.

“The world of 3D printing has changed dramatically since 2012, when we first started this annual roundup devoted to showcasing the best machines in the industry,” said Mike Senese, Make’s executive editor. 

“The rapid evolution of the technology over the past three years has completely changed the landscape for 3D tools.”

Aleph Objects, maker of the LulzBot TAZ 5 printer, was founded in January 2011 and built on a free software, open source hardware philosophy.