Lucan Technologies to launch re-designed modular SmartWatch

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GREELEY -- Lucan Technologies Inc.  announced the launch of its newly re-designed cellular SmartWatch, the first smartwatch to be Windows 10 ready with Intel Inside.Lucan_insideFIXD

A key component of the new design is its modularity, the company said.

“Modularity offers several advantages,” said Tom Maynard, Lucan COO. “The consumers have flexibility to change the configuration of their devices and keep up with the latest in technology through the addition of upgradeable modules and features.

“This extends the useful life of the wearable and lessens the impact of e-waste. We will create many of our own attachments, but we are excited to see what others create as we are an open platform.”

Lucan said another exciting product feature is the complete digital wallet feature.

“We have partnered with Omne Payments Inc. to enable our customers to use their watch to make payments via a traditional credit card reader and accept credit card payments using our credit care swipe module,” said Murat Erdogan, Lucan founder and CEO.

“Paired with a fingerprint reader, our smartwatch offers the most secure digital wallet yet.”

Lucan said the innovative design of its feature-packed smartwatch supports a much needed convergence of wearables, cell phones and Internet of Things devices.

“Our mission is to improve the quality of life for the digital age consumers by producing innovative and uniquely customizable products for the best customer experience possible,” said Erdogan.

Lucan said the company plans to offer the products for pre-sale in an Indiegogo campaign in September and a release to the general public in early 2016.


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