LogRhythm unveils LogRhythm 7 upgrade to security platform

Tuesday October 13, 2015 0 comments Tags: Boulder, LogRhythm, LogRhythm 7, Chris Petersen, Elasticsearch, cyber security


BOULDER -- LogRhythm   announced LogRhythm 7, a major upgrade to its leading security intelligence and analytics platform.

The upgrade includes new innovations in search, scalability, performance and security operations efficiencies to help organizations detect and respond faster to advanced cyber threats, the company said.LogrhtyhmlogoUSEFINAL

LogRhythm said the new version provides the visibility, automation and incident response orchestration capabilities required by the next-generation security operations center (SOC).

LogRhythm said the platform accomplishes this by collecting information from hundreds of thousands of disparate data sources and then analyzing and prioritizing the data, which becomes instantly available to SOC personnel.

“The sophistication and resolve of today’s cyber adversaries continue to rise, as does the number of successful intrusions,” said Chris Petersen, senior VP of products, CTO and co-founder of LogRhythm.

“But an intrusion doesn’t have to lead to a major breach or cyber incident. The innovations in LogRhythm 7 empower IT security teams to detect, respond to and neutralize cyber intruders faster and more efficiently.”

LogRhythm 7 supports massive data management workloads with less compute and storage resources while delivering high availability, the company said, and software efficiencies combined with LogRhythm’s ease-of-use will help customers realize continued lower cost of ownership.

“With LogRhythm 7, the company is once again demonstrating its innovation leadership in security intelligence through its use of Elasticsearch, powerful visualizations via its new real-time threat map and with a number of extensions to its automated response framework,” said Petersen.

For more information, visit http://www.logrhythm.com/logrhythm-7/